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Sonoff for button (pulse) and not switch

I bought many Sonoff and some Sonoff PRO. My light system uses switching relay which work with a (just a pulse) button. How can I do? Somebody can help me? 

There is an easy way to  enter in the management software and set pulse and not switch?

Some advice?

Thank you

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thati is very kind of y, you are an expert. regards

In he current version of the firmware there is an option of inching which allows you to set on time from 0.5 second (half second) to 3600 seconds ( one hour) 

Mind you this will be the same as your input voltage. You could consider it similar to door bell switch / button.  No other software is required. Just the firmware update. Current version is 3.4.1

in the past not, now have I to download any software ??

Device settings/ pulse .

I don' t se where son off is implemented as pulse (y/N) switch

I got mine from AliExpress. I bought one set that consisted of 4 mains powered  receivers each with a completely isolated changeover relay and  4 (four) pre-programmed 4 button remotes.  I have used them at a distance of 50+ meters around corners and bends in solid brick & mortar building.

The shipping charges are shown jacked up and vary from country to country as cheaper but reliable options have been blocked due to lockdown in many countries. 

thanks, that's very kind of you.

Could you tell me where to find them, please ??


There are other non Sonoff remote controls  - like car remote - that can work for you. These run from mains power 70V to 250V. And have changeover relay with 3 terminals. These 3 terminals are completely isolated from the mains and controller circuits. Available as set of  1, 2 or 4 receivers with equal number of transmitters.

 They also have a jumper setting that can set the behaviour of the relay to toggle, latch or momentary.  The contacts  are rated 250 V 10A on NO (switched) terminal and 7A on NC terminal. 

Thanks a lot. I have seen that video but I dislike to make an hardware modification.

I misunderstood the meaning of switch, I thought was possible to configure both as switch and pulse switch . I was terrible wrong. May I suggest to use another software like Smart life. There is an option on other (altro) where is a function door (porta): I would like to test it later.

Anyway up to date the only useful suggestion is your. 

If you are good  with DIY skills you have an option. You can search YouTube for modification to the Sonoff switches. Search for  "Using Sonoff SV as a Dry Contact (no voltage) Relay" on google or YouTube. 

Normally Sonoff switches connect and disconnect live input from mains power to the output terminal. The neutral is permanently connected. The modification I am talking about disconnects the out put terminal from the input and bridges them in such a way that they turn into simple on off or momentary switches connecting the 2 output terminals which are totally isolated from the rest of the circuit. You could switch any voltage from 5 to 250 volts. 

I wait for a On /off pulse switch

Just register to thank all those who promoted this idea, it is truly a necessary feature. Thank you.

Just register to thank all those who promoted this idea, it is truly a necessary feature. Thank you.

I finally made the switch function the way I wanted. Of course it was in a sort of round about way. I used IFTTT to create 2 applets. One for ON and one for OFF. I used the command line version of the 2 in a batch file with a required time delay between the OFF and ON command lines. Created a shortcut to it and granted the shortcut "administrator rights".   So now I have a Sonoff Basic switch which is ON all the time and powering ONE set of "cable modem + router combo" and can be triggered OFF for 15 seconds to force reboot without moving from my seat. Of course I also switch to the 2nd set of "fiber modem + router combo" through the same batch file to remain connected to the internet  before sending the commands .  


With inching enabled the "Power On State = ON" does not work any more.  What I am looking for is for the switch to "inch" say "15 seconds off" otherwise on at all times. 


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