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Sonoff for button (pulse) and not switch

I bought many Sonoff and some Sonoff PRO. My light system uses switching relay which work with a (just a pulse) button. How can I do? Somebody can help me? 

There is an easy way to  enter in the management software and set pulse and not switch?

Some advice?

Thank you

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Sending a pulse with the Sonoff basic would be great!

Sorry Cristiano Pereira, can you explain better?

You can read here (even in Italian wiring diagrams should be self-explaining):

Sonoff relè passo passo: come collegare pulsante WiFi

Actually I found that this is already implemented. In EweLink go to the device setting and set the inching enabled, make the time 0.5s and we have a pulse. Thank you itead for that !

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But that enables pulse for all the buttons. That is the problem.

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Merci beaucoup à Christiano Pereira !

It's OK.

"Inching" is not very good definition in french to say "Impulsion"

You can't use inching in scenes. This is only half way done.

Szymon you can use it in scenes. 

You configure the device to as "inching", then when you switch it on in a scene it will simply pulse. 

I'm using it to open my garage door successfully. 

I did it with inching because I was not able to add simple logic to turn on device while it is off, and turn off while it is on. I don't have two button to light up and down the bulb. The lack of logic at scenes is terrible. 

Any news after three years? I have the same problem and this seems to be the only decent thread...

Sorry for my previous post, i've just found the solution! 

It's called inching in the switch settings and you can set a timer from 0.5 sec to 3600,
I think this could be useful to anyone looking fore pulse or push function on sonoff 

With inching enabled the "Power On State = ON" does not work any more.  What I am looking for is for the switch to "inch" say "15 seconds off" otherwise on at all times. 


I finally made the switch function the way I wanted. Of course it was in a sort of round about way. I used IFTTT to create 2 applets. One for ON and one for OFF. I used the command line version of the 2 in a batch file with a required time delay between the OFF and ON command lines. Created a shortcut to it and granted the shortcut "administrator rights".   So now I have a Sonoff Basic switch which is ON all the time and powering ONE set of "cable modem + router combo" and can be triggered OFF for 15 seconds to force reboot without moving from my seat. Of course I also switch to the 2nd set of "fiber modem + router combo" through the same batch file to remain connected to the internet  before sending the commands .  


Just register to thank all those who promoted this idea, it is truly a necessary feature. Thank you.

Just register to thank all those who promoted this idea, it is truly a necessary feature. Thank you.

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