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Sonoff for button (pulse) and not switch

I bought many Sonoff and some Sonoff PRO. My light system uses switching relay which work with a (just a pulse) button. How can I do? Somebody can help me? 

There is an easy way to  enter in the management software and set pulse and not switch?

Some advice?

Thank you

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This feature request has 53 votes, which means it's the 3rd most popular request of all time,

out of roughly 275 feature request posts.

If you want the pulse feature - just vote - maybe we can get it to number one!
Now I have to find out how to vote - just joined the forum ;)


Ok - so to vote go to the original post at the top of this thread and click LIKE
This feature is 12 votes away from being number one.


this is a replay to Ludek Cermak's post on Dec 18th, 2017.

I can now confirm Sonoff Touch can run Tasmota and can be flashed on OTA (On The Air). Tip: to put S.Touch into configuration/flash mode see section "Getting the ITEAD-###### SSID" at lonk

I need this feature , for garage ,tv etc

 Hi Rubioto - don't forget to vote for this feature if you want it - It's currently 3rd most requested feature of all time. 

To vote: go to the original post at the top of this thread and click LIKE

Pulse control is now the most popular feature requested by Sonoff users.
At 59 likes. does this mean it has enough votes be implemented?

On the subject of votes needed for this feature, Gerry Kropf stated:
 ... with 1000, I would have a good base to talk to our dev. team ...

Given the activity levels of this forum, It will take approximateley 20 years for this, the most popular request to get the 941 votes needed to be considered worthwhile by Gerry.

As to whether 1000 Sonoff users want the feature - this article is very relevant:
Based on this well researched rule-of-thumb we can assume many many users do want this feature,
but are not aware of this forum, or don't have time to sign up or vote for this feature.
Whatever our opinions on proportinality, the users have spoken, and they are saying they
want a pulse feature more than anything else.

Now is surely the time to implement it.
What do you think?


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60 votes now :)

I really need this button to open my street door using the intercom. PLEASE INCLUDE THIS FEATURE!!! :)

There maybe a solution. 

I too was wanting this pulse function for my remote operation of my garage door which I can see with my CCTV. At the moment I turn a Sonoff on and then manually turn it off after a second or two. I'm currently using the Sonoff SV (safe votlage) version which is a bare PCB type that fits neatly inside the door opener casing. Works well but would like the pulsed output simply for convenience.

I noticed that Itead do a special bare PCB version called the "1 Channel Inching /Self-Locking WiFi Wireless Switch 5V 12V".

This does a momentary pulse - fixed @ 1 second it seems which I can easily live with. The web-page I linked earlier mentions the 1 second inching mode when pushing the physical button on the PCB however what I don't know is if this also works the same through via the ewelink app. For US$5 I'll take the risk.

They make a 5V and 5V/12V versions with a slight price variation. I am going to order a couple of the 5V units direct from Itead. These units seem quite rare compared to the the other Sonoff device with not many to be found on ebay.

As an update to my comments a couple of weeks ago about trying the 1ch inching module on my garage door - the unit has arrived and I've tested it. It works perfectly as a garage door opener trigger with the 1 second pulse in inching mode. It's small and compact and easily sits under the cover of the garage door opener. Best $6 I could spend.

Salve a tutti, anche io trovo interessante che il sonoff basic ed anche gli altri prodotti possono avere l'uscita ad impulsi, si potrebbe impiegare in moltissimi modi, anche il G1 PER esempio potrebbe aprire cancelli automatici, porte, essere sostituito dai relè. Quindi chissà quanti sonoff si potrebbero vendere. Basta un aggiornamento software. Visto che il 4 Canali Pro R2 già ha questa funzione, ma la differenza la farebbe il fatto di essere piccolo ed economico. Spero da parte di qualche addetto hai lavori ci dica il perché non implementare questa funzione senza girare i discorsi. Grazie se qualcuno si fa avanti. Maurizio

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Добавьте для кнопки импульсный режим! Разработчики куда смотрят вообще? Половина умных устройств управляется импульсом! Я даже их все перечислять не буду. А пока пойду куплю eldes esim120 который в 10 раз дороже G1, но который умеет замыкать контакты на заданное мной время.

А вы ждите манны небесной в виде голосов за идею, а другие будут зарабатывать. Бизнесмены хреновы.

Quando riuscirete ad implementare la funzione pulsante?? Mi sento costretto a cestinare intere forniture!!!

You got my vote!  I can stick these things on my robot vacuums to have a more custom automated schedule!

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