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Sonoff for button (pulse) and not switch

I bought many Sonoff and some Sonoff PRO. My light system uses switching relay which work with a (just a pulse) button. How can I do? Somebody can help me? 

There is an easy way to  enter in the management software and set pulse and not switch?

Some advice?

Thank you

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have not posted in a while and I think Patrick wanted people to start using the new forums but at the moment I seem to have problems registering so I will just post here (Sorry).. If you are wanting a pulse function as to control a garage door you can simply re flash the firmware. Tasmota - has alot of features over the Sonoff. But remember changing the firmware will void your warranty, but it does give you greater control. Not sure of the setup that you are implementing but if you are running your own MQTT server,, etc. it works great. Just do your research on the Wiki page and make sure it does what you are wanting achieve and your device is supported before flashing.

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thank you. Is this also valid for Sonoff touch switches ?

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grabriello, pls contact me at


I have solved with 3 SONOFF th10 ,by modifying and inserting a monostable circuit with ne555, fewer components and trimmer for setting the trip time relay !! (


Guys, did you check the products page ? The have a pulse device now . Hope it helps .

Tasmota firmware solve that. Flash Sonoff Basic is very easy, then configure SWITCH_MODE PUSHBUTTON and APP_PULSETIME 5 (0.5 second).

did you flash tasmota on TOUCH switches?
Only Basic and RF.
You can create an IFTTT rule for if the sonoff is on the turn it off.
Still no word for pulse signal on Sonoff basic? This should be a really trivial thing to implement. I am under impreddion Itead people do not want to release this feature so they could sell some more hardware. Correct me if I am wrong...
may be for Sonoff basic, not for Sonoff Touch switches
I would really like the ability to send longer pulses - I know they don't want to add this feature, but I guess we should all vote for it - where do we vote?


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Don't know, but if you find it, post a link here...

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