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Sonoff for button (pulse) and not switch

I bought many Sonoff and some Sonoff PRO. My light system uses switching relay which work with a (just a pulse) button. How can I do? Somebody can help me? 

There is an easy way to  enter in the management software and set pulse and not switch?

Some advice?

Thank you

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Not an offense, but here is missing a vision.

Can someone imaging Steve Jobs on 2007 asking a vote to Motorola/Nokia owners to create iphone ?

Can someone imaging  Steve doing the same with Xerox Alto owners on 1978 to create Lisa ?

Here we're asking to improve the touch switches with pulse ones, as now is neither possible to fully replace existing traditional home switches nor fully cover new home light plants.

Can someone imaging what an "elegance" will be to have mixed traditional and touch switches at home ?

Sorry forr insisting,

Best Regards.


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when you have millions in your backhand, it is easy to have big visions ...

in any case, every vision also must be payed for ...

there are many great visions out, see Indiegogo, but when it comes to a real monetary engagement and support, many visions disappear the same speedy than they appear ...

in reality, many so called visions are just nothing more than an economical "flop" ...

btw. how much money did Apple loose with their "Lisa" adventure vision ...

visions are not only revenue, they are also risk ... Iteads duty is not to jump into any suggested vision, we also have a duty against existing customers, that we and our existing products are also available in 5 years ... we are not interested in visionary adventures ... LTS and LTA is our commitment ...

and again, <100 voters in more than one year is not that promising quantity to even consider if such an "idea" can be called a vision ...

it seems, with <100 voters, our userbase has much less visions than you expect ...

the most easy way to let visions became reality is always "let others invest for" ...

when your idea is that visionary slick, with a guaranteed big revenue, why don't you just do the idea by yourself and became quickly rich? Or take a loan and invest into such a vision, invest into Itead ... with a few more millions in our backhand we surely can also realize "visions" ...

Anyway, this is the "FeatureRequest" forum, and not "FreeChat" ... !!!!


OK Gerry, I got what as you say: "Anyway, this is the "FeatureRequest" forum, and not "FreeChat" ... !!!!"

You're perfectly right on that and I promise this will be my last replay on the matter.

But please consider that really we have requested just a new feature, nothing else.

During this discussion, as opposite to an expected replay saying that pulse switch is unuseful, we have been invoved in a sort of misleading comparison like "<100 voters in one year is far too less, especially when I see the 100000's sold units around worldwide ..." where numbers of voters in the forum have been compared with number of sold units in the world.

For that reason I mentioned "vision"  as a valid alternate evaluation element, which -by the way- could be expressed by few or even a single guy, as Steve experience  teached us.

In other words "vision" is to "view" or "image" the future that still doesn't exist and let the "visionary" to arrive on the target very in advance vs. the competitors. This is the aim of innovation.

Counting how many people have the same vision to establish if a vision the good one, is out of scope.

I apologize if I disturbed anybody in the forum.

Best Regards

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again, any vision must also be financed ... and every investment must be worth to do ...

Mr. Job's "Lisa" vision was maybe a vision, but nevertheless one of the biggest flops in Apples history ...

And honestly, Itead does not like to loose money with its products, we like to earn ... because only the earned can be reinvested to realize "visions" again ...

We have many ideas on our plate, but it is out of scope and possibilities to realize them all ... finally we must decide for a few, where we see a balance between invest and estimated revenue ...

And one factor to make such a decision is simply "user polling" aka voting for a request ... we also have other considerations, but hey, the most easy, where users even can take a direct influence is just "vote" ...


I apologize if we have offended you, Mr Kropf, but I am sure that both Mr Ornolio Pier Giacomo and I have the best wishes of sonoff's triumph in the world because you are making your product available to all kinds of people. We only give our experience in the sector. In my case whenever I have commented your product with colleagues in the electricity sector whether they are engineers or installers always I answer immediately the same the short press and it is a pity that they do not incorporate it. we really just want sonoff to triumph. My intention was never to make your work just give my opinion. my best wishes to you. Greetings from Spain
Yes , the pulse (button) function is a must have , at least at the  sonoff 4ch pro, and secon  at simple sonoffs.
except the gates another example is the dimming devices
Please make us happy !!! We like you ! :)


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Ho la stessa necessità di gestire la 'staffetta' del TH10 / TH16 'impulso', non capisco come il personale dicono che si tratta di un grande lavoro e così poche richieste, se pensano così la possibilità di utilizzo impulso apre diversi uso nella casa intelligente e solo aggiornare l'applicazione con l'accensione di relè per qualche ms non mi sembra impossibile come modifica, lasciando intatti entrambi i th10 e th16

I have the same need to handle the 'relay' of the th10 / th16 'impulse', I do not understand how the staff say that it is a great job and so few requests, if they think well the possibility of impulse use opens several use in the smart home, and only update the app with relay ignition for a few ms does not seem to me impossible as modification, leaving both th10 and th16 intact

"No VaporWare Policy ..."

sorry, when we have something to publish, we will be the very first who will do ...

We won't state any about things which are not finished. It wouldn't be very seriouse to give any ETA or other promise, which we maybe can't fulfill ... too many things can happen which may influence a given workflow ...

And there is nothing more bad than delay a given promise ... so, we just don't do ... sorry ...

Just stay tuned ...

it's enough to update th10 / 16's filmware for ms relay management through the app's 'impused' function, I do not understand why this feature is not supported because of the great use in smart home

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Pls contact me at

Hello. I'm first time here. And I came to this forum just to find some info about pulse mode for other Itead devices than 4 pro. Actually, I need this mode for many applications, especially for Door and Gate automation, that is a huge market.

For you, just to understand, all people, who want to operate the door or gate from the mobile phone, have to buy either GSM switch with impulse operation or 4 Pro. But they need, in reality, only ONE channel. Also, now there is a big trend on the door market to make so called "ventilation mode" for sectional doors. It mean, that in case of high humidity in garage the door will be open just for few centimeters, and when the humidity goes down - the door will be closed again. In most of cases the garage door opener has the second impulse contact for ventilation mode. You have everything to win this market! Just change little bit the SW!

One more suggestion: make one simple device that will allow to control position of doors, doesn't matter sectional, entrance, interior or gates. That means just simple input for mechanical limit switch. 2 contacts! You will be surprised how much you will increase your sales!

I'm expert in door market and I know what I'm saying.

If you have any question ask me by mail. 

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Two more arguments to support this idea:

1) There is a statistical misunderstand when you compare number of people who (explicitly) support this idea, with the number of units you have sold. One consumer (me for example) is most likely to buy a large number of items, so there is no a 1:1 relation between costumers and units sold.

2) The number of likes supporting the comment to which you refer, is not a reliable count of how many people explicitly support this idea. Some of us have contacted you by other means (direct email, help center, another thread in forums).

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Hi, I would like to have this option available with sonoff products. It should be very easy fix . We need just a countdown available for 1 - 10 seconds. This will help us integrate with. - Garage door - Automatic gates - Electric locks - Intruder alarm setting and unsetting - Push to exit buttons for access control systems - And many other .... Please make it available - at least for the Sonoff SV module. Thanks

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Buongiorno, credo che ne venderebbero più di 100000, se si potesse avere la gestione ad impulsi,

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