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A WiFi sonoff with dry contacts

Many people would need the wonderful sonoff wifi switch to simply close two contacts. I mean the device should be powered by main but the contacs of the relais shouldn't be connected to main but simply connected to the output connectors.

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l wonder if you could just tap the 2 input contacts of the coil of the existing relay off and out of the case to drive another (probably 3 volt) relay with dry contacts to control whatever voltage you needed to control?? You'd still have the mains relay if you needed it and the soldering would be easier. My only concern is whether the sonoff board could drive both relays without cooking itself but you could always add a switch to use only one at a time. Anyone done this or have a 3v relay sitting around?

 Hi, I would recommend that sonoff should make an ac version of 1 Channel Inching /self-locking WiFi Wireless Switch 5V 12V,  the sonoff pro 4ch is to much for some project (size and money).

There is other alternative until a sonoff is available shelly 1.

Hi, Do you sell Sonoff Basic with dry output contacts?

I’ve now got this working with a work around but disabled S1 S2. Crudely I used high current to blow the pcb traces in the right places to disable the mains link between the relay contacts and the board components. If you look on FB sonoff eWeLink group and search for mini deconstruction

Hi all, there are 1,2 and 4 gang NO/NC relay modules that you can power with AC/DC 7-32V from Eachen, that use the ITEAD PS mudules, so they are compatible with eWeLink anc can interaact with Sonoff devices on the scenes. There are also versions that include RF receivers. I've been using them for a while specially with this appplications that require to drive 12 or 24 volts AC / DC as you can use that same source to power the card. They are also useful for garage motor controllers for the same reason:

Here is the link to the most basic version, looking around in their site you'll find the rest of rele cards:

Anyway, also think it would be very useful to have dry contact versions powered by mains.

Regards, Mario.

Funny been asking for 5 years Then Shelly come out with one that has option For selectable ac or dc power input. With dry contact. And a switch toggle connection.

I created an SV 5volt system. If you use a 5v USB to power the relay, it has isolated power. The NO, NC, and neutral switches are then dry no-volt switches. The thermostat circuits for gas 250mv and pellet stoves simply open and close a mv circuit. The ewelink is clumsy, but I was able to get past the limit scene setting by using IFTTT to link the sv to the TH and then using scene as an overheat and low limit bypass if IFTTT failed or was not working. It would be much better if I knew how to create my own app.

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