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Powering external device from 5V supply

I believe the internal 5V power circuit can source up to 700mA. Would it be a problem to tap into that supply to power an external device that can be controlled by the relay?

For example, I want to power a door lock that uses 50Ma to open close.

So I would power the door lock directly from the sonoff and use the relay to open close the lock.

Is this possible?

Dear all,

I have a similar question. I would like to use the sv wifi switch to close the cirquit that opens the door of our house. This secondary circuit is already powered, I only need to close the circuit though. I already tried the High Voltage Wifi Switch but it blew up my intercom system. 

What product would fit my problem?

BR, Geert

Buy Sonoff SV that powered by 5V up to 24V DC external power supply which can directly control on/off of supplying the power from the power supply.

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