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Remote on off button

I made a modification to one of my Sonoff's See the pictures above.

This allows me to have a momentary push button wired to the Sonoff to turn it off/on or pair a remote control to it. The push button can be some distance away from the Sonoff

The reason I did this is because I intend to install the sonoff in the roof space of my house connected to a light circuit. I will then run the low voltage wire to my push button light switch on the wall of the room.

I can then activate the lights by either the wall switch, the 433mHz remote, or my phone.

It would be good if this was a standard feature of the Sonoff. It only requires installation of a terminal block connector socket and some openings made in the casing.



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Yes you can reset using this method.

I have about 7 sonoff switches connected throughout my home with wired push buttons(bell type switches)

i use alexa for turning on and off light,fan,ac,geyser etc

In case my network connection fails, i can still use my equipments using the wired buttons.

this is by far the cheapest smart home soultion if you buy these in bulk.

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@Deepesh Golani
Thanks for the answer

But I still have a question if a person presses the button for more than 7 seconds will reset the sonoff, and this is what I wanted to change type the reset time and reconfiguration for longer.


Like Deepesh Golani said, holding the button for more than 7 sec WILL reset the device, just like the button on the sonoff does (since they are connected). However there will be no reason to hold the button for that long since the light will turn on (or off) as soon as you have pressed the button...

Anyone know if a switch like this ( would work or why it wouldn't? It's a normal household momentary rocker switch.


Você pode fazer como um interruptor comum ao usar o modo de instalação do comutador paralelo.

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