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Remote on off button

I made a modification to one of my Sonoff's See the pictures above.

This allows me to have a momentary push button wired to the Sonoff to turn it off/on or pair a remote control to it. The push button can be some distance away from the Sonoff

The reason I did this is because I intend to install the sonoff in the roof space of my house connected to a light circuit. I will then run the low voltage wire to my push button light switch on the wall of the room.

I can then activate the lights by either the wall switch, the 433mHz remote, or my phone.

It would be good if this was a standard feature of the Sonoff. It only requires installation of a terminal block connector socket and some openings made in the casing.



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Hi Paul, now I see. Thanks for the reply.

Hello to everyone, this is my first post in the forum.

I wanted to ask a question on this last solution, How do I link the existing button to the Sonoff?

Does this solution allow you to turn off the light from sonoff if I first turned it on by the button?


Hi arik ng.

Can you explain me how can I install a sonoff wi-fi in my current electrical system ?

Example : I have a Bulb light with 2 switches (these are deviators, right). I can Install sonoff so everything is working together? 

from what you say it would be enough to go in Sonoff's settings ..... did I understand well?

Hi Lan, 

Please share the final product along with video....

why can't you try like belkin, tplink smart light switch....

can we include IFTTT funtion on this... clarify..?



p.s : from your screenshoot I don't understand nothing !!

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