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Remote on off button

I made a modification to one of my Sonoff's See the pictures above.

This allows me to have a momentary push button wired to the Sonoff to turn it off/on or pair a remote control to it. The push button can be some distance away from the Sonoff

The reason I did this is because I intend to install the sonoff in the roof space of my house connected to a light circuit. I will then run the low voltage wire to my push button light switch on the wall of the room.

I can then activate the lights by either the wall switch, the 433mHz remote, or my phone.

It would be good if this was a standard feature of the Sonoff. It only requires installation of a terminal block connector socket and some openings made in the casing.



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@Deepesh Golani
Thanks for the answer

But I still have a question if a person presses the button for more than 7 seconds will reset the sonoff, and this is what I wanted to change type the reset time and reconfiguration for longer.


Like Deepesh Golani said, holding the button for more than 7 sec WILL reset the device, just like the button on the sonoff does (since they are connected). However there will be no reason to hold the button for that long since the light will turn on (or off) as soon as you have pressed the button...

I ordered a similar momentary switch (Clipsal compatible) for quite cheap. I expect to take delivery before the weekend. Will let you know how it goes.

Can I ask, what type of glue did you use to fix the connector to the board?

I used hot melt glue. But in retrospect I think I should have used epoxy. The hot melt glue could come unattached with the torque of a screwdriver on it. I was careful screwing the wires in the first one and I had lots glue on it but I'll use epoxy on the next one I mod. 

I find with epoxy's the 5 minute gives the best results. The 30 minute epoxy can be brittle and crack under pressure.


Anyone know if a switch like this ( would work or why it wouldn't? It's a normal household momentary rocker switch.

Hello, What if we have a wall switch 433 mhz on the wall. These connect to the Sonoff rf and that we are using this app in the app to link an alarm to a scene. So that we use the switch one or more devices can turn on. Regards Peter Jansen

This is great Ian, it's exactly what I've been trying to achieve! I would love to see this as a feature out of the box as well.

In the meantime., do you mind sharing the parts you used to make this modification? And the type of switch you plan to use externally?

Thanks for the reply Ian - got those terminal blocks on order already. Local Melbourne supplier so shouldn't take long ;)

With regard to the switch itself - I have seen the Clipsal Impress range marketed alongside Z-wave in-wall modules, which makes me think they are low voltage, but not having played with z-wave, i cant be sure.

Would be great if they can work though, they are relatively cheap and fit in the existing wall plates at my house.

The attached photo has the Clipsal Saturn (same as the impress but fancier and more expensive) alongside a z-wave module. Looking at how it's wired, can you tell if its low voltage?


Thanks that switch seems like what I've been looking for. I would prefer white rather than metallic but its still better than what I already have.

Its not possible to tell from the picture if the switch is low or high voltage. It doesn't matter if its high voltage though. I only used a low voltage switch because they're cheap and its only switching low voltage (from memory when I checked it with a meter it was 12v) A high-voltage switch would also work as long as its a momentary type. 

I'll check out one of the local electrical wholesalers to see if they have those clipsal switches. Should be easy to tell if its momentary since momentary switches do not click or latch. The agent should be able to confirm that. 



I would very much like this feature to be implemented. Most of the things we want to automate is not possible because there is no such pin available.

That looks like the ticket. I just found them on the website

Unfortunately I think they're latching type. I can't find out on the website whether they're momentary or latching. No mention of it in the specs. 

I'll keep looking

How far away can the switch be from the Sonoff? Thanks and great idea!

@arik ng 

How is it possible for the sonoff shut down the light bulb if I turn on the light on by wall diverter (or by wall switch) ?

Can you explain me the electric diagram ( between light bulb-sonoff-wall diverter) to do what you say ?

Yep and they will clip straight into the existing wall plate.

(previous post was referring to your post on clipsal impress)


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