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Can't share to email address

Ewelink ver 2.1.4 for iOS. You can not share a device to an email address. Only to a mobile phone number.

10 people have this problem

I just did here, right now and worked fine..

 I do agree the way ITEAD does is bad, but at least it works. (for me).

I don't know if this is based on region as they use AWS but in Europe is  working.

Now I have a problem with one smart socket that does not connect to my router, I have reset it 5 times and still, seems to be a defect.

Good luck!



I had the exact same problem, both phone have eWeLink v3.5.3 on android.

I tried to type manualy all the e-mail address and to have ny wife's phone conneted on the eWeLink app at the same time ==> It worked !


I discovered that the "Sharing Timeout" issue was only occurring when the master device was an Android. Apple's IOS typically works sharing.

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