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Can't share to email address

Ewelink ver 2.1.4 for iOS. You can not share a device to an email address. Only to a mobile phone number.

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Typing the full email address worked for me. I had been using suggestive text which is similar to copy and pasting. Frustrating, but give it a try. Good Luck.
Sadly their stock response here is “f*** off, not our problem, use the feedback function in EWeLink”. Which is like a black hole for enquiries, I finally got a response from Facebook. Turns out that the email addresses I’d used to create the accounts were in different geographical locations some in the USA some In Europe and they only permit sharing on the same continent. I even found creating two addresses using the same provider with the same domain was no guarantee they’d be in the same geographical location. Plus there’s no way to tell where they’re located either, it’s simply pot luck! All I can advise is to keep setting up accounts using different email addresses until you find a couple that work.

Another one on IOS who is unable to share switches across accounts.  I've created several accounts using different emails but I'm unable to share any of the Sonoff switches as the app simply reports the accounts I'm sharing them to does not exist as detailed in the photos above.  Using the latest firmware IOS App, Please fix it's very tedious.

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