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Can't share to email address

Ewelink ver 2.1.4 for iOS. You can not share a device to an email address. Only to a mobile phone number.

11 people have this problem

I also have a problem to share.

1st account , confirmed by telephone no. , iOS 3.1.5

2nd Account , Confirmed by telephone , Android 3.1.5

receive message invalid account.




iOS App Lets not put country, would have an update for the iOS App for iPhone 5c?
I had some problem with this also, but managed to solve it by following the steps in the FAQ (Device Share Control section).

Basically there's no email confirmation code, and both devices must have the eWeLink app open at the same time when sharing.

I also logged off and logged on again on both devices to make sure the same country was selected on both devices - when I share a device in the app the country shown by default is the one I selected on login, but when I re-open the app after a while, the default changes to United States... could be a bug in the app that forgets the country after a while.
(using latest version eWeLink app for android)

I have the same problem here.. I can't share the devices... Only I can control the devices at home and no one else. I have opened a ticket for the issue.

Same issue here. I can't share a device to an account using the email address. Please fix this issue. I am using your devices at my small business and this is an issue for us. 


Same problem here. I'm using EWeLink 3.3.3 and Sonoff Pow with with firmware 2.0.4. I'm trying to share this device with my son, but when I try to share with his email, I get the message: "Does not exist, please check".

I've tried with several ways: both cellphone with EweLink opened, with new accounting, same version, etc.

Someone helpme?


The other device must be with the ewelink app open as well! If not, will never work! 

To share device you must:

- Open ewelink app on your device

- Opend ewelink app in the other device that you want to receive the access shared

- Fill with the email to share and the other device will receive a message.

- Done!

I hope that helped!



I have followed the instructions and it still doesn't work. I have created 2 accounts on GMAIL and one on Yahoo. Neither of the 3 accounts worked for me. I have both the phones in my hand running the software at the same time. 

Both phones must be logged to ewelink to the share happen.

I have tried creating 2 different accounts on Gmail. And 1 account on Yahoo. Neither worked for me. 

I have had BOTH the phones opened at the same time, and still unable to share. 

This should NOT be this difficult. There is a definite problem on ITEAD side. 

The problem for me lay with the email addresses used to create the accounts. Some were running on European servers whilst others were in the USA. For some reason EWeLink cannot handle that and from my experiments a “” extension guarantees nothing, perversely even two google email accounts created within minutes of each other on the same computer can be different and there seems to be no easy way of telling where your email account “resides” in the physical world. My advice would be to keep on making email/EWeLink accounts and trying them until you find two that work together. Hope this helps!

I just did here, right now and worked fine..

 I do agree the way ITEAD does is bad, but at least it works. (for me).

I don't know if this is based on region as they use AWS but in Europe is  working.

Now I have a problem with one smart socket that does not connect to my router, I have reset it 5 times and still, seems to be a defect.

Good luck!


Ewelink don't send me the verify code on email!!!!!!! And yes my is last version! This app don't work


I had the exact same problem, both phone have eWeLink v3.5.3 on android.

I tried to type manualy all the e-mail address and to have ny wife's phone conneted on the eWeLink app at the same time ==> It worked !


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