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Can't share to email address

Ewelink ver 2.1.4 for iOS. You can not share a device to an email address. Only to a mobile phone number.

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I have the exact same problem as David. I click on share, then I put the email, the "waiting confirmation" message appears but my wife don't receives nothing either on the e-mail or this ewelink app.

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Same problem. Using eWeLink 3.1.5 on Android.

My phone is paired with three Sonoff Basic devices, and works fine.

My wife's phone has the same eWeLink version on Android and her own eWeLink account, but with no devices paired.

I try to share one of my devices with my wife's account. I enter the country code (United Kingdom (+44)) and then the email address associated with her account. My phone shows "Waiting for response..." but no sharing notification ever appears on her phone.

Both phones are connected to the same home WiFi network as the Sonoff devices.

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Please fix this email sharing issue! Nobody other than me can open my blinds! :(

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Doesn't solve it for email addresses ...

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I'm having the same problem. I'm able to control all devices from my eWelink app installed in my iPhone with my user id (email). My wife has two eWelink accounts (one with her email id and another with her phone number).

But, when I try to share the device to my wife's eWelink account, I get notification "does not exist". I tried both, phone and email. Why do I get this error even though her account exists!!

And why is there no solution yet? So many people are facing this problem.

I'd recommend anyone who's experiencing a problem with sharing the switches from the eWeLink app to open a support ticket as well as commenting in this forum, hopefully if enough people raise the issue something will get done.  

It seems to be a problem that's affecting everyone, I even spent an hour figuring out how to get the WeChat Sonoff web interface to work (not easy if you don't read Chinese) It might be useful too as WeChat runs on a PC or Mac as well as mobile devices so you can control things from your computer too.  But even there I'm still getting the 'Does not exist' message.

So far I've had my support ticket open for a couple of days and nothing has happened other than an automated response acknowledging it.  I've also tried the eWeLink Facebook group without any response.  I'm guessing it's the time of year in my case, but as there's messages here on the same issue going going back three weeks I'm not exactly filled with optimism right now.  Also the lack of any response from them in that time would suggest that despite the title, the content posted here isn't being monitored by anyone.

Well I got a response.  Basically "not our problem" use the feedback function in the app.  Which of course I did to begin with, had no response and thought I'd try here.   Next stop I guess it try them on Facebook.\

Ewelink ver 3.1.5 for iOS. You can not share a device to an email address. From spain
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I found the Solution on their Chinese manual. It says both phones are need to be on line to get the share to work which means, your phone is sending the share command, your wife(whoever is receiving has to be on the ewelink app screen at the same time. 

email worked on me!!! hope it helps!!! Love ewelink!!!!

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Ewelink don't send me the verify code on email!!!!!!! And yes my is last version! This app don't work

Please upgrade to the latest version ,both can realize now.

Solved it! You cannot copy paste the telephone number. It has to be typed in fully.

nice one.

I discovered that the "Sharing Timeout" issue was only occurring when the master device was an Android. Apple's IOS typically works sharing.

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