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ITDB04-A schematic


Can you please update the wiki with the schematic for the ITDB04-A wifi switch ? 

I want to write a custom firmware for the board and I need to know the esp8266 IO pins used for the relay, button, and the two leds. 

Programming parameters for the Arduino ESP8266 might come handy too ( freq, flash size, baud rate, etc.).

Thank you!

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I got it working.

Onboard programming header pinout: 

1. square Hole 3.3V  

2. RX

3. TX

4. GND

Program the board powered only from the header ( any 3.3V FTDI /CPL usb to serial converter should do).


Entering the programming mode: 

- with the usb to serial cable unplugged from the computer, make the connections 

( usb to serial TX goes to the board RX, and usb to serial  RX goes to the board TX)

- press the onboard button, then plug the usb to serial adapter into the usb port and release the button.

Use to erase the flash. ( erase_flash)

Arduino IDE setup:

- add esp8266 to arduino boards

- flash mode QIO

- flash size 1m(512k spiffs)

- upload speed 57600 

Enter programming mode and upload your sketch.


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