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No reply to my !!!


I received a defective Sonoff RF- WiFi Wireless Smart Switch

Since 27 Mar 2016 , I opened a few tickets about it.

I didn't receive ant any reply or feedback 

Is Itead Studio closed ? or  just they don't care about their customers ?

Any idea ?


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how about sharing your issue with the Sonoff and maybe someone on the forum might have an answer.


How many is a few tickets?

More then one for the same issue could have been seen as spam.

As John stated share your issue!

Your Sonoff may not be defective at all and just need extra care to get it working.

My initial unit took several attempts to get it to do anything, the latest firmware upgrade has fixed that.

Hi, it seems thst you did not understsnd the problem. Problem is thst the set/pairing button is stuck, I can't press it and I can't pair it to my smartphone. I submitted 4-5 tickets, the firsy one was submitted more than 2 weeks ago and it tooks you nearly 2 weeks to respond..... At the moment I have a defective unit. Can you send me a replacement quickly ? Thanks, Moshe
I have found this with a couple of units. The button gets stuck under the top of the case. Just use a small screw driver and centre the button in the hole. Then when your pairing it make sure you press straight down. Once it's paired you don't really need to use the button again.

Is the paring button stuck in the down position?

I believe it should stick slightly out of the case when up.

Have you opened the case (with power disconnected) to see if the PCB is not just off location and thus making the paring button unable to perform?


I opened the case, The button was stuck under the top. I pressed the button and it was released and now it seems ok mechanically.

Will connect it to power and check its function later.



Good to know,

I look forward to hearing about your results.


I bought Sonoff RF without remote control because I have 433MHz remote control, But I can't make Sonoff RF work with my remote control. Isn't some setting wrong when I doing or the remote control must be bought from you. Please advice!



 What do you think now? Has the issue been resolved?


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