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Add X10 compatibility

There is an enormous base of installed Home Automation X10 devices in N. America. When they (x10WTI) filed for bankruptcy a couple of years ago, they left many X10 Home Automation enthusiast scrambling to find alternatives or a way to interface with them remotely, as their cloud servers disappeared with no alternative. This left X10 users extremely reluctant to again trust any cloud based system.

This means there is a huge market for X10 compatible devices in N. America and the ESP8266 based devices from Itead could supply that market if they made products that are backward compatible with X10 and that allow use of existing X10 RF remote controls.

I only have one of these ITEAD Studio devices and I would get more if they were compatible with my X10 system and not limited by a cloud server .

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If I can get details on the RXC6 433Mhz receiver, I'll design a wideband SH 310MHz receiver for N. America. It will use the X10 RF protocol so it can be used with existing X10 remotes (e.g. Palmpad).

I'll use a Microchip/Micrel receiver with an ATtiny MCU. As both this ATtiny and ESP8266 can be programmed with ZBasic, it will simplify programming. It will stay on the sunnyside, avoiding cloudy skies. I'll have Itead fabricate/assemble prototypes.


That would be awesome!

I hate cloudy skies ;)

The 4 button RF remote Itlead Studio currently sells for these seems useless for a large Home Automation setup.

It appears it will only control 4 devices( I'm not sure if that's per remote).

The addition of X10 support would allow control of 256 devices( depending on how a RF signal was sent)

I have dozens of remotes here, many are capable of sending X10.

 I have remotes capable of sending All 256 x10  on/off commands

My wife has stated if she finds one more new remote I'll be eating it! LOL

 I would still like to design a 310MHz RF module. I would use an ATmega328P-AU so it would be compatible with both Arduino and ZBasic. But, unless I can get details on how to interface with the Sonoff I can't proceed.

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