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I can not connect to your account

help me please!

One of my devices  ITEAD-100000**** is connected to another account.

I can not connect to your account  

I do not know how to solve this problem

EvgeniyNel, you have to make contact with the software people and get them to tell you what user and password you get it. I think there is a comment on the app which will get their attention. Good Luck

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I do not know what account this device ITEAD-100000893b  is already registered and therefore can not delete it from there 

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#27690 One of my devices ITEAD-100000893b  is connected to another account.

I can not connect my devices ITEAD-100000893b to your account

I do not know how to solve this problem

So you mean you receive a new device, but it has already been added by others? And what is this email address:

We have checked that  ITEAD-100000893b has never been added before. So you use ios to add the device, what's your country and account number.  And what is this email address:  qigong.dp@me.comIf you feel this is private info, please send to my email: Thank you!

Good day, have the same problem ((


Please help!

I am having the same problem, I had it all set up working well, but then you did an app update, and now when I sign in, it does not show up any devices, if I try to add it says it is already registered.  I am quite sure I am using the right user name and password (but no way of checking the user name!). In a day with lots of usernames and passwords, if you forget the user name, the consequences are quite severe and you have to have get the electrician back to do the job all over again. I am afraid although the hardware is good, the software really lets it down. Why not talk to Apple and have this as part of their home automation.

English only forum, Sorry

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Andrew, how do you sove the problem? I have the same issue. There is one device that has been registered, but not appear in list device ewelink.


Well, I was using the wrong user name and password for a 2nd account. I had to contact them, tell them the serial number of the device, prove I owned it! and then they told me what user name and password was. 

Hi there, you should login your another account to delete this device first, then add it with your new account. If you have never added it before, please tell me your device model, ITEAD-100000????

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