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eWeLink battery drain

When using this app on my Galaxy S6, it drains the battery in about 2 hours when the phone is idle.  As soon as I exit the program completely through the "Exit eWeLink" option, the battery drain stops and the phone returns to normal.

Please fix this or I'll have to return my latest order of these controllers.

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Hi Bob the same for me, after uninstalling the app ewelink, the battery life is excellent, two days. that's incredible! Please correct this problem. Thanks

I try the new update for some days now and it is better than before but still not good

The drain new is 10 to 12% it is not reasonable for an app that is hardly ever used

You get to think what the app is doing in the background (is it a spyware?)

You must work on it more, it needs to drain no more than 2-3%


I don't want this app running in the background - there is no need to do so.  How can I prevent it from running all the time?

Unfortunately the same problem here (Samgung Galaxy S6)

The battery dies too quickly...

Solution : Delete app

I had this problem a good while ago and had a ticket about it. The problem was resolved after deleting the app and then reinstalling it. Previously it drained the battery when phone was idle, but the application was loaded, or shut down normally (without killing it from applications). After it was removed and re-installed, the battery drain problem disappeared.

Same thing has happened with some other android apps on my phone and same workaround fixed that too. I guess this is more of a phone problem than ewelink problem.

I have the same problem on my LG G5 on 2.3.1

have to kill the app every time it is not in use 

you must deal with that problem ASAP

the last few days the battery drains much less, thanks

I have the same problem with LG G3. high battery consumption. I uninstalled App EWeLink. Please fix it. why, I do not have the same problem with the iPad? Bye

I have the same problem whit my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Although Kill the app, drains more than 15% per day.

Solve the problem please.

If I choose no te optimize battery for ewelink app the battery is killed in few hours. The app need to make changes on how it works.

Maybe a resident notification because if I let optimize battery the app is killed and I receive no notifications.

The application discharges the battery too much. The only solution is to delete the app and throw away the devices. Because there is no support.

After last update the drain is back Please amend the app it is not useable
Same problem for galaxy s7

Why would you leave the app open when not in use?

eWeLink I believe constantly polls the devices so it can display status changes this naturally drains ones battery.

If you intend to keep an eye on your device status then you should connect it to a charger.

Another option is to connect with your PC using an Android simulator I use BlueStacks.

This will not allow you to add devices but you can control and monitor them.

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