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ewelink app locks up on firmware upgrade

When upgrading the firmware (from 1.2.0 to 1.2.3) on Sonoff the app locks up with the spinning icon on iOS. You need to close and restart the app after a minute or so. The firmware update succeeds and there are no other issues.

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This is in the latest version 2.1.0 of the ewelink app.

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Upgrade failed and device doesn't work any longer. A first device upgraded fine within seconds, upgrade of second device would take forever so I interrupted the upgrade. I know I shouldn't interrupt an upgrade but how long am I supposed to wait??? Now device is broken I can throw it away as I don't think there is a way to reset it to factory settings. Hate it!
Just upgraded 3 with ver 2.1.2 of the app. No issues. Do you get any flashing light when it's powered on ? Have you held the button down for 10secs to reset it?

Yes done all that. Green light doesn't come back on.

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It took several attempts for this to actually take.

Also when attempting to do this from the same location it wouldn't work, I got a message saying it wasn't possible from this location.

The device Firmware only worked from a remote location and after several attempts.

Hello, I have problems in France.No registration by Iphone or Android.
And if the programmer removed this feature in an upgrade, this would be handy for everyone

I am so upset and fustrate i am sorry to say this is a piece of junk 3/4 of the atents po operarate they said off line.

Al cargar el nuevo firmware dejó de funcionar el dispositivo, como puedo volver al firmware anterior

I did the Ewelink APP update and I lost all devices.
The problem I can't reconfigure because they are far from where I live.
Can you help me ?

Thank you very much. طراحی وب سایت

Thank you very much. طراحی سایت


Thank you very much. طراحی سایت

Thank you very much. طراحی سایت

Thank you very much for the nice solution that you have given to me, thank you very much buddy.

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