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Sonoff Temperature / Humidity / Light Sensor

Hi. I notice that you are bringing out another version of the Sonoff TH (Temp / Humidity)  I have several of your devices already and would like to know if I can retro-fit the TH functionality onto my existing Sonoffs?   I would also like to know if you intend to add a light sensor? These would be good module add-ons if they were packaged suitably, like sensor pods.

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The Sonoff TH has put on sale, please check here:

We will have a Sonoff Dev version which can be programmed with your own firmware. Also, the Sonoff SV supports low power supply and secondary development.

Will cases be available these and the SV units?

No, case is not available.

Is there a case/box that you stock that will suit these units ?

Sorry, currently we do not plan to offer or sell case for development version.

On the Sonoff SV, what do you mean by 'Secondary Development'? Do you have documentation to explain?

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