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Cut both main wires

Very important for safety compliance, you need to cut both mains wires, not only a single one, you thus need a 2-circuit relay.

You also need to have L and N clearly indicated on both the input and output blocks, so that a user do not swap them by mistake. L and N wires are not interchangeable!

There is not a single chance that you will pass a CE security certification without these changes.

I not agree with the 2 circuit relay must.

The trick is to have L and N as input and L _only_ as output.

I'd like to have the relay outputs totally free. So, it should be: L and N to feed the board and a relay with free outputs to connect L input and L output. 

The safety regulation requires you to cut both conductors, not only a single one. This is to prevent harm in case the L and N are swapped accidentally.

Sorry, I'm not an electrician, so you will be right for sure, but I have dozen of sensors (for example PIR turning on lights) and relay switches (CE) with L and N inputs and only one L output driven (single relay) (no N output: there is no need to drive the N phase to the output, the wall switches break only the Load).

As before pointed out, I prefer a relay with all driven contacts free (no L/N bridged from the input to the output).

OK, I understand what you mean now, you want a single dry contact circuit, not connected to L or N, and it is up to you to connect the L or N as input and whatever you want as output.

Right!!! You said it in a much better way of course! with this schema I can power the board with 220 main power, and I can use the relay as a simple switch (replacing the ones wall mounted, for example) and driving the voltage I need. In this case, I think, I don't need cut both the wires...

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