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Won't start again after upgrading

Hello, I've received 2 units of Sonoff right this morning. I've connected the first one, and the Android app recomended to upgrade its firmware. I agreed, and it started to upgrade. After a good amount of time, nothing happened, both in app or the sonoff, no signs of upgrade finished.

I turned off the Sonoff device, and turned on again, but now it won't start. No lights at all, appears as offline from the App. I don't know what to try. I screwed it up?



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Hi, I have the same exactly issue.

Is there any way to flash the previous version of the firmware again?

Or any procedure that would help me to make it work again.


I have the same problem, did anyone find a solution to this?

I have the same problem, did anyone find a solution to this?

Hello, have lost all my devices at the last update from the app (eweLink). Can not connect my devices, because the owener account i have lost. Can somoene tell me how i can reset the devices sonoff RF Wi Fi or how reconect?? Sorry, but my native language is spanish...


same problem here with Android 7 on Samsung S7, ver. 3.2.1. Can u e-mail me a Better version.

Hi all,

same problem for me. After upgrading of 1.8.1 firmware using eWelink app, I'm unable to power on the sonoff basic.

Any solution?


Hi all I update GSM g1 firmware.. after that doesn't connect to server Any one have solved this !?

Thank you very much. طراحی سایت


Its a very usefull content. طراحی وب

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I also have the same problem. Remote is just lighting but not working. I think they did it on purpose for you to buy a new one.
(1.68 MB)

I have just updated the software after being promted .the internet went off half way through now sonoff switch basic wont start no lights

Same problem

T1 R2 US does not work after error during firmware upgrade,

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