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Vibration Swicth feature in eWeLink

I noticed a new option in eWeLink latest update.

Under Device Settings, the new option is "Vibration Switch" with "Open" and "Close" buttons.

Can you please explain what this setting does/controls?

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The "vibration switch" turns on/off the vibration on your phone when the device is switched. 

Unfortunately the english translation to "Open" and "Close" is poor and it should be "On" and "Off"

There are quite a few areas where english translation is missing or poor but it does not really affect the ability to operate. Some notifications are not translated which should be fixed.

I found no way to make my phone vibrating. Neither "switch device on" nor "switch device off". Neither with timer nor without timer.
My software has a slide-Button. It never vibrates neither if the slider is left nor it is right.
Has anybody found a way to make this function successful working?

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I have the same situation of Bruno with the vibration alert and also with the messages notification  It never receive it. I have an Iphone 6 IOS 11

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Oscar Ruiz! Same problem. No notification from rf swich?

That feature works on my phone.

same problem, no notifications!

Activati "Hardware and share control operation notification" si va functiona. Daca nu functioneaza, e posibil sa fie oprite notificarile din setarile telefonului. Folosesc Android si am peste zece module atasate contului ewelink si functioneaza toate.

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