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sonoff pins exposed and main power

Hi, thanks for these products. 

They could be even better matching 2 (simple?) improvements, I think:

1) have some pins (first of all adc - tout, and some gpios like in sv version) linked to breakout pins (or holes) to help in customization: we could use any sensor (analog, one wire) to expand the board simply. 

2) have the relay connected to main power as option. Something like sonoff sv, but the main power (220v) has to feed the board (with the builitin 5v power supply) but not feed the output relays pin, so we can drive any voltage with it.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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Great product and I agree.  It would be useful to expand the board with optional light sensors to drive dusk-dawn switching.  Temperature sensors for fan control, Humidity sensors, etc.

Just a user experience request, but can you provide a larger gallery of device images on the app? It would make the app more user friendly.

Fully agree especially with point 2 and, for this device, I would add a "pulse" mode in the app with a configurable pulse time. Obviously the pulse mode should be managed by the sonoff and not driven by the app itself.

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