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Automate the sonoff wifi switch with tasker application for Android

 Hi guys,

could someone help me to configure the switches sonoof with tasker applications for Android?

it would be nice to be able to command our switches via pre-set tasker events, such as:
voice commands to turn on a light,
Through the phone GPS to turn on or off certain lights when they are close to home,
etc ...

I thought to proceed by studying the manifest of ewelink application and configure actions inited on tasker app, but I can't figure out what actions are useful for my purpose in the Manifest file you have any good advice?
Thank you

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I think It could be a big opportunity for your Sonoff product if you add the possibility to manage it with apps.  when you get an issue with your design. don't' worried about it just contact see our site which provides the solution related to the digital agency

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Thank You for share Great information...

How to switch Sonoff on and off via wifi if you don't want to use the app? Is the WiFi Contact Protocol written or not? When you have a problem with your laptop. Don't worry about it just contact our site and have a remedy connected to a laptop repair or a PC to some problem contact via email.

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