Sonoff Devices Offline Troubleshooting

When you can power up the Sonoff products or other eWeLink supported products normally but fail to control it (offline), the first thing you should do is to check how the LED indicator of your product blinks. Mostly, the offline problem is caused by network connection.

Note: 1.If you change the wifi, you'll need to delete the devices, and re-add them via the new wifi, or they will be all offline.

2.One router can bear a limited number of devices (including phone, PC, smart devices), most routers can provide a normal wifi for about 15 devices, but if the wifi is poor, this will be reduced.

3.After successfully add devices, it doesn't matter what network your phone connects with. But if the wifi Sonoff products connect with is unstable, Sonoff devices will be easily become offline.

Usually, there are three kinds of blinking statuses(here we take the Sonoff Basic for example):

1. The LED indicator quickly blinks one time and repeats (blinks once every 2s), which means the device has failed to connect to the WiFi router.

2. The LED indicator quickly blinks twice and repeats, which means the device has connected to the router but fail to connect to the server.

3. The LED blinks once every 1s, and the device is offline.


The device has successfully connected to the router but hasn’t been added to the user’s account. Please power off the device and restart, then wait for a while. If the device is still offline, please delete it and re-add.


If you have deleted it and tried to re-add for several times but still failed, please try below:


Prepare another phone, enable its hotspot. Use your phone to connect the hotspot WiFi and add devices to eWeLink. If it is online successfully, this means that the problem is due to WiFi. Please check your router settings.

After judging the problem, you can troubleshoot the problems accordingly with below solutions.

Other Issues to Cause Offline Problem

Upgrading Firmware Causes Offline


In some conditions, upgrading firmware will cause MAC address change, then your device will become offline. Below is the firmware list that will cause MAC address change.

Firmware version   
 MAC address change when 
Upgrade to versions higher than 1.5.2
Upgrade to versions higher than 1.5.2
Upgrade to versions higher than 1.3.0
Upgrade to versions higher than 2.0.2
Upgrade to versions higher than 2.0.1

When this happens, please bind your device’s MAC address to your router’s binding list, as follows:

Go to Router Settings -> Close MAC Filter -> Connect your device to the router -> Add the device MAC address to the MAC Binding list -> Enable MAC Filter

If you don’t know about your firmware well, please submit a feedback on the App eWeLink. 

10 Solutions to Failed to Connect to the WiFi Router

1. Wrong WiFi Name or Password

You may have entered wrong WiFi name and password in the pairing process. Please delete the device and re-add. Please make sure you have entered them exactly and select remember password. 

2. Weak WiFi Signal

Your device may be too far away from the router, which causes a weak WiFi signal. Please try again with stronger WiFi signal.

Note: our devices can't connect to 5G WiFi, only 2.4G WiFi supported.


3. Phone Unable to Connect to WiFi

Your router or phone may come across some error, which causes a connection failure. Please make sure your phone can access the WiFi router and works normally. If your phone has WiFi network in the Access Point but the device still fails to connect to the router, please refer to below solutions.


4. Too many devices connect to the AP

There might be too many devices connect to the AP which connects to with the router, please turn off the devices or turn off the AP and try again 


5. Too Many Connections to One Router

You may have too many devices connecting to one router. Most of the routers have connection limit. Please disconnect other devices, then power off and restart your device.

6. Change DHCP Settings

You may have too many devices connecting to one router. Please reset DHCP address pool in router settings, then power off and restart the device to connect again.


7. Router Error

Router error. Please restart your router and try again.


8. MAC Address Prohibited

For some security reason, your MAC address may be filtered and prohibited. Under such a condition, you should remove it from the prohibited address list.


9. MAC Address Conflict

Close all other connected devices to this router and try again.

10. DHCP tenancy term problem

Prohibit DHCP or extending DHCP tenancy term when DHCP is open. 

Under the condition of disabled DHCP or open DHCP, you can extend the lease.

* eWeLink keeps prompting “Network Unavailable”, what to do?

Please ping our server URLs on your PC:
If your location is in Asia:,,
If your location is in EU:,,
If your location is in Oceania:,,,,
If your location is North Ameria or South America:,,
How to ping? Check this tutorial.
If the result shows the connection between the server and WiFi is well, your network is OK.
If the result shows the connections is bad, please change your phone’s DNS to
Still failed? Please change router’s DNS to, then ping the corresponding URL again.
If the result shows the IP addresses don’t run, please send the related URL to your network operator, let them help you. For example, if you are Asian user, please ask the network operator to parse these two domains:,, and


8 Solutions to Failed to Connect to Server

We are upgrading the server or there exists server error. If the server is running normally. Please check below:

1. Unable to Visit the Internet

If the extranet cannot be accessed, then use your phone or PC to visit the Internet. If successful, try to connect your device again.

If you have stopped paying Internet fee or extending your network service, your can’t visit the Internet.


2.Bandwidth Occupied

You may have downloaded too many files at the same time, which occupied most of the bandwidth, thus your device did not have enough bandwidth to connect to the server. If so, please stop downloading and try to re-add your device.

If your other apps can be run normally, only eWeLink display offline, the problem should be your wireless carrier can’t resolve the address of eWeLink server. Please manually change DNS to or, then re-connect.


3.More than one router with the same SSID (name)

You may have more than one router with the same name, and your device may have connected to the non-networked one. In this case, you should reset your router name and choose the networked one to connect. Then try to connect your device again.


4.More than one DHCP server on one network 

There may be errors existing between router topology. In this case, please check the connection way between routers, then try again.


5.ARP Attacked

If you have checked all above and found them no problems, maybe some terminal of the local area network you are locating has affected ARP virus. We suggest you to manually bind gateway and MAC address, then try again.


6.Firewall Settings

You may have opened firewall or some security software. In this case, please temporarily close them and try to connect the device again.


7.DNS Server Inaccessible

After making all above checks and finding them no problems, the possible problem should be DNS error. Please manually change DNS server address and try again.

After making all above checks and find no problems but still failed, the possible problem should be DNS error. Please manually change DNS server address to Then try to re-add your device.

8. IP address conflict

Please close all other connections that connect to the router. Then try to re-add your device.

9. Ping server address to check if server is normal

You can also ping our server address on your computer. Please select the server address according to your location. Then send the result to our support. If you don't know how to ping, please check this post (




Please submit a feedback on eWeLink, describe your problem in details. If you have a hardware problem, please submit a new ticket in our Smart Home Forum. We will follow up on your ticket. 

Our support will deal with your issue as soon as possible in working time. Our working time is Monday ~ Friday, 9:00 to 18:00 Beijing time, Time Zone:8. 

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Been trying to get a switch back on line after a router change for best part of a day but couldn't get any joy.  I tried deleting and adding multiple times but nothing.  Then I saw a comment by someone about trying the setup with the phone in airplane mode and WiFi switched back on.  The switch paired in seconds and connected to my network perfectly.

Some time ago the easy pairing don't work for me. Only compatible pairing. I think It uses related with some upgrade of ewelink ir SonOff firmware.
So my experience with Sonoff... This is for Switch RF
If you can't pair in easy way or AP Mode, please do the following:
press a button and keep pressing for the first beep, then two beeps, keep pressing and it will jump into third mode (I think there is another beep).
Now proceed with AP mode, you should be able to find your device...Worked for me on 2 devices...
Unfortunately, if this happens to you, it means that your device is faulty and may not work stable.. I have 2 such devices and they go off line every few hours.. then after an hour or two come back on line.. I have now over 15 Sonoff devices and only these two are acting up.. Of course form time to time each of them disconnects for few seconds and reconnect...
Anyway, I have entire house plugged in to Sonoff and in generally speaking it is really good for the price you buy. I can accept issues with disconnecting and broken ones. If you compare to i.e. Fibaro you can see that it is 10x cheaper.. Of course it is a basic product and you can't compare how much you can automate i.e. Fibaro to Sonoff but for a basic stuff it is good enough. I have automated heating, hot water and lights what is enough for me.. All works with Alexa Echo Dots and costed me around 300 Euro (including two Echo ot devices)


Ho 2 sonoff TH16 che non riesco ad accoppiare al mio router. In precedenza erano registrati regolarmente. Ho notato che i sonoff nuovi (mai registrati) si accoppiano facilmente, mentre quelli precedentemente registrati e cancellati incontrano molte difficoltà a rieseguire l'accoppiamento. Grazie per un aiuto

Hai paura di rimanere col tuo Sonoff senza internet e non poter accendere e spegnere i tuoi dispositivi ? Scopri come fare con la modalità LAN grazie alla mia guida completa.


Sonoff senza internet: modalità LAN guida completa

Hi can you help . I've just changed internet provider and I cannot connect any of my devises to Wi-Fi

Hi Paul, if you got a new router, please make sure that only 2.4Ghz is active. Also, you have to remove each Sonoff and re-add to the new WiFi. Also, in some cases, Sonoff don’t like WPA2. I found New Sonoff RF also difficult to connect to some routers. Try with WPA Keep me posted

In france, this evening, all my devices are down !!

Heating failure !!! I trust sonoff to control all my systems !!!

in Denmark this evning. all my devices also ofline , says no network. I Am able to ping servers.... has been working flavles fore more than a month know. I will wait until tomorrow to se if they are back online.

I confirm, my devices are down in France....

I will not continue with the SONOFF cloud... I will flash with another software to control everything by myself...

I confirm it too, in Estonia all my devices down

Sonoff is down globaly Also If you log off you will not be able to log back in. I just did this mistake.

All is OK now...


All my devices don't support google home since this morning "An unknown error as occur ...."

Anyone has the same problem ?


All 6 of my Sonoff switches are not working this evening. There’s nothing wrong with my network as my TP link ones are fine. How long will this last please? There’s always intermittent problems with Sonoff, I’m not sure I’m going to buy anymore of these devices.
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