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WiFi communication protocol

Is it possible to activate and deactivate the Sonoff by Wifi but without using the app?
The WiFi communication protocol is published?

Greetings and thank you very much.

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The local switch can turn Sonoff on or off. But other functions needs the App. We haven't decided whether to publish the protocol. But some engineers now working on MQTT project and we will post about it when it is ready.

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Very cool to hear MQTT is comming!!!

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Hi there - the Sonoff is a clear winner within its category: size, standby power consumption, app ease-of-use, ...) - I've a couple of requests if you move towards MQTT:

1. please allow for custom MQTT server, port, ssl, topic naming
2. please publish the protocol as well (value for <off_state>, value for <on_state>)

Thanks for the attention,


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My guess is that your SonOff is near the floor. If so have you checked your router signal near the SonOff? My Panosonic microwave generates interference with my Wi-Fi and often causes some of my Wi-Fi devices to go off line, i.e. HP6830 Officejet Printer and Roku 3 devices. If adjustable, increase the power of your router or remove interference between your router and your SonOff. I have a metal file cabinet that blocks my printer if set between the router and printer. Just some suggestions. Jack

Thank you! We will try our best to adjust.

Until an alternate connection other then the cloud is added these units won't gain the market share they deserve. To many people have been burnt with cloud based apps.

The protocol needs to be published then iTlead doesn't have to waste time and effort on app developement

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Is there a data sheet for the RXC6 RF receiver used for 433Module?

And, I agree with Tuiceman that there needs to be an interface that does not use the cloud nor that is limited to smartphone control. Many people with various disabilities could make use of these devices but they need apps for large tablets or PCs.


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Once/if a protocol is released a PC app would shortly follow I'm sure, and Itlead wouldn't need to create it.

If not a dedicated program I'm sure other Home Automation programs would add support.

I know I'd be adding support to my programs.

Hi! Peter is doing the MQTT project for Sonoff with his friend, it turns out to be successful. You can join him or inquire about the details. Here's how it goes:

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One post to Peter's blog has a link to this...
which appears much friendlier for developing one's own applications.

Espressif Systems has a user manual showing how to use the ESP8266 for Infrared IO using the NEC  protocol. X10 has used this protocol worldwide for about 40 years. It should be rather simple for Itead to add X10 RF IO to the Sonoff & Slampher devices.


I need the direct communication. Sometimes the server is not responding and than I can't switch my devices. 

Has anybody put an customized (e.g. ESPEasy) on the sonoff?

Hi, im using 3 devices with ESP Easy. Works great.

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Will we see MQTT support?

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