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"Virtual" momentary switch option in the eWeLink app

It would be great if you can implement ability to automatically switch off after a set period of time (example 3 seconds), thus creating a virtual momentary switch in the app.

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Hmmm, we will think about it. 

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Hello Elsie, 

Did this idea progressed since 2 months ?


This would open up so many more possibilities.

Currently you can do something like this with timers if you wished it to occur  the same time.

I'm not sure of the number of timers each device can store.

I think a simple if or delay option would be much better.

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Our IT Group has discussed about your request, and we thinks it is not practical. So currently we will not realize it unless we receive many users' request.

this option has to be a MUST, just think in the garage door motors.

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I agree Carlos, this is the exact reason why i requested the feature. I have to resort to manual switching off the relay after every time i use the garage door.

Hopefully Itead will implement it soon, considering it is a relatively simple software tweak. 

Itead team, if you do decide to go ahead with this and need a beta tester, I am happy to assist.

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 yes it's good for me too...

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Нужная функция.

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Hi Guys, this function is a standard for other similar providers (ex. WiWo). Please implement it here as well. No sense just for this missing basic function - to use WiWo pwr receptical. In fact, the timer you implemented is even more useless then the stopwatch. Thanks

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Hi, think well: if you implement in firmware a timer that starts from 0,1 seconds to go on many minutes WE CAN SET THE SWITCH OF SONOFF LIKE A PULSE BUTTON, opening milions of new applications. It is really easy: from the first click  that open the switch can starts a setting timer that close it after 0,1 s or more! 

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We'll add this delay function in version 2.1.16.Coming soon.

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In version 1.2.6 you did wrong. It is necessary to do so: by pressing the button in the program switch is turned on and off for 3 seconds. The module is add a menu item to select the operating mode switch or button. В версии 1.2.6 вы сделали неправильно. Надо сделать так: при нажатии на кнопку в программе реле включается на 3 секунды и отключается. В меню модуля добавить пункт с выбором режима работы выключатель или кнопка.

So happy to hear that you'll implement "Pulse mode".

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Hello, This function not appeared in my update.

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