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"Virtual" momentary switch option in the eWeLink app

It would be great if you can implement ability to automatically switch off after a set period of time (example 3 seconds), thus creating a virtual momentary switch in the app.

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Is this implemented yet? It should be an easy option to add isn't it?
The 4ch pro has inching mode at different times setting And the SV has inching mode That is the product to use

Rod, you are correct, however those are different products for different applications. Everyone who is requesting this is simply saying that the hardware form factor of any of the particular modules meets their needs and the only thing missing is the ability to activate the relay and then deactivated again after may be half a second or any specified time delay. You get more function from the same hardware with only a small firmware or software tweak. The 4 Ch Pro is proof that this is possible however it's time delay is limited to a maximum of 4 seconds. In my case I need 10 to 15 seconds. Others might need something different like 30 seconds or 60 seconds, the point is it's all doable in software. That's the whole benefit of dings being in the cloud. Everyone is just asking to be able to utilize it to meet the broadest flexibility of their needs.

Yes I see your point but for delays less that a minute are best to be implemented with the hardware not the software because of the delays using cloud. Delays and reaction from using internet will not be accurate and will be delayed or unreliable. I have played with stringify and IFTTT to get to make things flash on for a few seconds on rotation and it just don't work well for things under 15 seconds. Sonoff is really a young company and they have come a long way I'm sure they are working on more products. They have already improved the 4ch to pro with user input. They have came up with the 5v SV with isolated switch with user input. For the price I'm sure they are not making millions over night. Not have the technical support staff larger companies have so I'm just waiting for them to make improvements. I have been frustrated because everytime I ask a simple question about hardware function like the day contacts I could never get a straight answer so I just bought some and figured it out myself.

t would be great if you can implement ability to automatically switch off after a set period of time (example 3 seconds or 5/ 10 minutes , thus creating a virtual momentary switch in the app.

This function is a must if you want to sell your motion (+RF Bridge) and your B1 light together because otherwise you can't set to turn on lights after motion detected and turn off if no motion for 5 minutes.

Also discussed in the "Countdown Timer" thread here.

Come on make it work please :)

We need this so when you turn on a light or wall plug it can be sert to turn off after a pre determined time. The current 'countdown' feature is useless as it only works for the one time you set.

It needs to be able to be set for 'always"

It works now

What part of it works? and how did you do it, thanks...

The setting is set to time. I only have one hour. 1 second is set to 1000

I assume its only if you have an Inching switch?

Not for normal light switches etc as I dont see it on any of mine in the app.

It's almost everywhere there's a new firmware, Basic, RF, Dual

My firmware is 2.6.0 (says Latest Version)

Hi I got 2.7 on basic, US dual and triple switch and it works. Sorry that the single switch doesnt update. Wait and see
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