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"Virtual" momentary switch option in the eWeLink app

It would be great if you can implement ability to automatically switch off after a set period of time (example 3 seconds), thus creating a virtual momentary switch in the app.

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Please check the delay timing.

Zhou Can you attach a screenshot? I cannot find "delay timing"?

It has been released the 2.1.16 version for Android? Where do I find it?

You can update today, I just saw the latest version. 

I saw the feature in new app but I Meant a different thing: there are appliances that need power Just for a few seconds to perform their task, think to a door opener for example. I would need a firmware that is able to perform a pulse (1 to 10 seconds long) like lazybone v2 for example.

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I see, I will put new product on shelf, and that will meet your requirement. I will update you the news.

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Please add push button function as soon as possible . It will be very useful for garage doors.


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It would be also very useful , if sonoff can remember in what state was before power shutdown and re-enter in this state after power on.


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This the module!

It has an inching mode, which can delay for 1s. You can choose 5V or 5V/12V, all working as the same.

Please check!

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Exactly what I've been traying to say....already wrote a ticket : "One Second Increments"..

Justo lo que pedia..Incrementos de Un Segundo..Gracias

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 Hello, the Momentary Switch , Its good to have to Configure a Switch with flexible Time. About some seconds to many miniutes. Like the countdown switch. But it can be triggert from the app and on the sonoff with on/off button. I think that many peapole can use this. Like Floor or on Outside in the dark. So the Light is for some minutes on, and goes automatic off.

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Hello, I'm a satisfied customer with ewelink, although I would like my colleagues to add to the firmware the function button in milliseconds. It would be a great function and simple to implement. Thank you.

hola, soy un cliente satisfecho con el ewelink, aunque me gustaria al igual que mis compañeros que añadir al firmware la funcion de pulsador en milisegundos. Seria una gran funcion y simple de implementar. Gracias.

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Hello friends,

when do you think the inching mode will be available on the sonoff module? It would be a very very very appreciated function.

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I could also use such a function.

I need for example that once I turn on a device, it automatically turns off after a certain period of time (90 sec in my case). But it would be nice that it does this automatically without me having to input a timer each time I want it.

Thanks to your IT team for the good work they've done so far !


The delay timing is great, but it doesen´t work with pulse applications, if ITEAD could add seconds to timer it would be wonderful. 

Thank you very much!

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