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"Virtual" momentary switch option in the eWeLink app

It would be great if you can implement ability to automatically switch off after a set period of time (example 3 seconds), thus creating a virtual momentary switch in the app.

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YOU CAN! go to the device required, into settings, into INCHING! Set a required time in there low time up to 59 mins Regards Gjb

bazzle01 :  Can you post a screen shot of the eWelink setting here where I can inch the switch off for say 15 seconds when it is other wise ON and the power on state is also ON. 


 good idea for some apps.  I want a sonoff contact to tell me I lost wifi or my router went dead so I can reset the power; and bring it back to life possible. then a pulse off  for  5 sec; then back on; might restore bad -intermittent routers.

should say 500m/s to 3,600,000 m/s

1/2 second to 60mins

Looks like a misprint in the eWelink settings. 

There for inching it says 500 to 36,000,000 seconds :)

I can confirm that both the new inching function in firmware 2.6 as well as the loop timer as detailed by martin (in the countdown timer thread  on this forum) BOTH work as a countdown timer based on when my device is switched to on.

Inching has a max time of 1 hour, the loop timer can go for longer. Both work great on my sonoff basic switches. I use it currently in several locations to turn off the piano after an hour, turn off a humidifier after 45 minutes, turn off a table fan after 2 hours.

I love it!

Hooray... Inching function has now showed up in my Settings.
Allows proper countdown timers including momentary or timed on or off in 500mSec increments from switch operation any time.
Switch touch in eWelink app or Alexa voice control.
1,. Alexa open garage door(500ms)
2,. Alexa turn on toilet fan. (60,000ms)

Hi I got 2.7 on basic, US dual and triple switch and it works. Sorry that the single switch doesnt update. Wait and see

My firmware is 2.6.0 (says Latest Version)

It's almost everywhere there's a new firmware, Basic, RF, Dual

I assume its only if you have an Inching switch?

Not for normal light switches etc as I dont see it on any of mine in the app.

The setting is set to time. I only have one hour. 1 second is set to 1000

What part of it works? and how did you do it, thanks...

It works now
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