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Sonoff looses Wifi connection


My Sonoff has the problem that it frequently looses the connection to "the server".

When I Power on the Sonoff it connect to "the server". After some seconds the green LED is constantly green, and the Sonoff can be switched on/off via the App.

Some time (sometimes a few minutes, sometime 15 minutes) later the the green starts blinking "fast", and the App reports the device disconnected. Waiting for a reconnection does not change tis, it stays unconnected.

I checked that the Wifi Router is working.

When I remove power from the Sonoff and power it up again, the Sonoff "boots" and after some seconds the led is constantly green again, and is accessible by the App.

In this way the Sonoff is not able, so what can I do? I guess the Sonoff should reconnect automatically, or this not implemented?


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Type in google and it will appear. Then erase old app, and download new .apk file . Type your username and password , and voila. All works as it should.

Yep. Keen to get a firmware fix for this issue as well. I have 3 x 2 Gang and 4 x 3 Gang which randomly disconnect and lose all settings. Itead, if I weren't so committed financially (whole house is wired), I'd get rid of your product altogether. Giuseppe, I also would like to know how to get this firmware?
I have a sonoff basic that sometimes it appears offline for a while. How can I know if is a wifi problem or a device one? Which is the signal strength needed for sonoff devices?

This is known issue, hardware related... Nearly every device I have  generates same problem... Replaced already WiFi, have half of the devices connected to ne router another half to second one, issue persists.

For me, after the last upgrade the switches keep losing wifi connection, but now after 1 minute it connects again. Are you having the same trouble? Now instead to go offline, it beeps and reconnect. I believe it ocurrs in avarege one time each 2 days
Hi Renatho, yes me too.

The same thing happens to me, I've been using Sonoff T1 US (3C) for two days and every so often it disconnects and beeps as if it were in pairing mode, then reconnects to the network normally. This is already being annoying.

Anyone have any idea how to fix it?

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I'm going to find the speaker on the circuit board and cut it out on all of them. I'll take photos and post it up. I've been putting up with these annoying products for 6 months now. Really sorry that I did the whole house with them.

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So, two thongs. Take off the cover and check if the touch button is well fitted. Next find a small micro switch and press once (this is soft reset button) If still an issue, powercycle the device by cutting off the power (you can flip off the fuses) If still an issue, reset device and re-add using compatibility mode. Last option is replacement. PS check firmware version as well
My house has about 270 square metres and I have to have 3 wifi extender to cover all my sonoff and they work very well for more than 2 and a half years now.
What access point are you using?
Two of tp-link and on apple airport express
Have TP link as well and my switches and bridges tempt to freeze from time to time for 2-5 seconds so when you ask Alexa to turn on you get the message that the device is not responding but 5 sec later it works again.. Its very random and I simply accepted the way it is...
Sometimes 2-3 or 4-5 seconds it happens to me to both Alexa and google home mini but I feel that hearing of google home mini is a lot better than alexa because when I watch loud TV google mini can hear me but alexa can’t. PS. I put alexa and google home mini next to each other.
Use app call “wifi analyzer” to measure how is your wifi signal at your Sonoff.
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