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Sonoff looses Wifi connection


My Sonoff has the problem that it frequently looses the connection to "the server".

When I Power on the Sonoff it connect to "the server". After some seconds the green LED is constantly green, and the Sonoff can be switched on/off via the App.

Some time (sometimes a few minutes, sometime 15 minutes) later the the green starts blinking "fast", and the App reports the device disconnected. Waiting for a reconnection does not change tis, it stays unconnected.

I checked that the Wifi Router is working.

When I remove power from the Sonoff and power it up again, the Sonoff "boots" and after some seconds the led is constantly green again, and is accessible by the App.

In this way the Sonoff is not able, so what can I do? I guess the Sonoff should reconnect automatically, or this not implemented?


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i have same problem.

just updated both app & sonoff to latest firmware.

but after connecting the wifi, it goes offline after 15 or 20 min.

not only that, i have added scheduled on-off cycle. but after disconnection it does not follow that cycle.

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Same problem here with all Sonoff devices. Random disconnections during the day and then reconnections. Latest versions of course. I think this is Sonoff server's problem.
Hello, I have inspected the similar issue with 3 wall switches loosing the wifi connection in the middle of the night. It was so disturbing us , I was not able to sleep. The flashing lights in the dark place are very uncomfortable. I found the only way to stop this with covering the wifi indicator with masking tape. Why the option of disabling the wifi indicator doesn't work for no connection state? Please, correct this in next firmware update.
Same problem. Sonoff switches has disconnected from server and they show as disconnected in the ewelink app.
I found no issue at least in Ireland. Perhaps a temp issue with Somoff servers... Btw. There is a new Sonoff mini commin’ :) Looking forward to see it!

Hi I have facing the same issue since Tuesday this week. Devices loosing connection with server.  I have tried all possible steps described in several discusions, but nothing helped. I am located in EU (CZ). Firmware on all devices is the actual one.

Same problem here... I recently bought 4 switches 3 gang... One of them looks more stable, but the others lose wifi connection sometimes.

Hi, my suggestion would be to connect them using compatible mode. Pleae make sure your WiFi has no 5G as this may cause isues. In genrally speakimg, Sonof switches do hang from time to time but not constantly. From my experience, they may be broken. I have around 20 different Sonoff switches and already replaced 5 where one had to replace twice...

Thanks @Filip! I will try to pair one more time to check if it maintain, because when I re-pair, it becomes online again.

I believe it is a bug that can be fixed in firmware updates. The ITEAD team look this forum?


even in Italy the same problem for a few days. 4ch pro r2, and 2 sonoff basic. often they are offline from the server. my internet line is ok and the router is ok too

My devices disconnected again. I will try to use an older router and I tell you what happened.

I have the same issue ... randomly my sonoff disconnect from the app. I have no issue with the wifi and the issue starts after loading the app version eWelink 3.8

as suggested by the support I installed version 3.5.8 and now it seems to work

Hi Giuseppe

Where I can find it the 3.5.8 and how can downgrade?

Yesterday 3.1 firmware was realeased so maybe is enought to install it to fix the issue?

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