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Sonoff looses Wifi connection


My Sonoff has the problem that it frequently looses the connection to "the server".

When I Power on the Sonoff it connect to "the server". After some seconds the green LED is constantly green, and the Sonoff can be switched on/off via the App.

Some time (sometimes a few minutes, sometime 15 minutes) later the the green starts blinking "fast", and the App reports the device disconnected. Waiting for a reconnection does not change tis, it stays unconnected.

I checked that the Wifi Router is working.

When I remove power from the Sonoff and power it up again, the Sonoff "boots" and after some seconds the led is constantly green again, and is accessible by the App.

In this way the Sonoff is not able, so what can I do? I guess the Sonoff should reconnect automatically, or this not implemented?


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My apologies for the typos in my message, I cannot correct my text.

Hi there, please tell me what's your firmware version?

Hello Elsie,

Thank you for your response, appreciate it.

My Sonoff was delivered a few day ago.

According to the Device information in the App  : "Firmware version:1.2.0 Latest Version".

Does that help?



Help, please!


I have the exact same issue. Is there any news regarding this?

My firmware version is 1.2.3, according to the app, and it says "current firmware is the latest".

The device appears to be offline about half of the time . The LED  goes through a cycle of double blink, single blink, constant green, off, and again.

When I hold my phone right next to the device, I see full 4 lines of wifi reception on my phone.

I checked the internet connection on my phone, and there is no problem with the internet connection.

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Dear  Ram ,

We'll release release new version of firmware today(2016/5/23  China time).Please don't forget to update.

It is now the 25th. I still see version 1.2.3 and "current firmware is the latest" on the app. How do I upgrade?

Hi Ram, why not try to delete and add the devices again?


After several attempts (in which I got "failed to remove" and then "Failed to add"), I managed to remove the device and add it again. It required clearing the data on the phone app.

Now I have it installed, but I still see "Firmware version:1.2.3 Current firmware is the latest".

Also, The wifi icon on the device in the app shows zero low wifi reception. But when I put my phone right next to it, my phone shows the full 4 bars.

For some reason now it does say "New version found" (I didn't do anything).

But when I press "update now", I immediately get "Download interrupted".

Was the "download interrupt" the problem of your network?  Please build a ticket on our support system that provides  us your eWeLink amount and name of device named by you. We'll make you access to update to the latest version of firmware fix some bugs and just open  to  a small portion of users.

I don't think there is a problem with the network. The "download interrupt" appears instantly. My network looks solid. It's just the device that has very low wifi reception.


I tried this: I used a second phone as a mobile hotspot right next to the device, so that the reception will be good. I deleted and added the device. It did download the file (took about 10 minutes) and the said that it was successful. But then when I open the app again, it still shows version 1.2.3, and pops up the "new version found" message.

The new version is  version of eWeLink app, not firmware version. And have opened firmware upgrade access to you.


Have just bought 3 pcs. of the smart switch - and they worked well for 5 days. After firmware upgrade attempt to 1.2.3 (suggestet in the app.) all 3 sonoff's come no longer on line - Can the factory setting be reestablished? or what can be done?


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