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New firmware in a bricked Sonoff?

I recently purchased some Sonoff modules and I love them! They work very well and aren't too difficult to get set up. Unfortunately I had one module crash during the update process. Is it possible to upload replacement firmware directly? Thanks, Jon

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I have the same issue. during firmware flashing, my sonoff went off position after that i couldn't able to communicate. please let me know the strength of the wifi signal boost up. i want to plan for wall mount switch. what is the procedure to increase my signal strength during wall switch installation. 

help us to improve your product. please give us the skype support to access quickly. my skype id premkumar27...

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ciao io  ho lo stesso problema ho cambiato router vodafone e non vanno piu gli sonoff  invece  quelli a pulsante  funzionano benissimo 

come mai?

Please feedback this on ewelink feedback.

attach the firmware version of your last version.

Also You can contact us again if your problem haven't any reply.

Our device haven't any hardware restart function.

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Hi Jon, do you mean you have one Sonoff broken during the upgrade process? Since I don't quit good at technique, I will ask our IT staff to follow up this issue. It would be very helpful if you provide more details. Thanks.

I have similar problems with 2 - 3 Sonoff Basic and one Sonoff RF.  Upon losing incoming power the RF device has to be actually physically disconnected for several days before it can be used again. The Basic devices simply won't link up with absolutely any WiFi whatsoever. Only thing that works are the button switches.


sorry for my poor english

I have the same issue, what Jon probably also has (error during 3rd party firmware upgrade)...

Now the unit seems to be bricked so no LED at all at any activity. 

So the question is: Is there a way to restore some firwire to the SONOFF unit without beeing able to put it into firmware update mode (pushing HW switch during powering up...)?

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