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Sonoff RF + WIFI version?

 Is there still development going on for this product? I would love to see the rf + wifi version of de Sonoff switch as seen in all the pictures and on youtube.

Can I add my own rf-receiver to the board? The holes and wiring are already present..

RF would make it much more versatile, you don't always want to start an app just to turn on the light.

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good question ??  Also can I program each of the 4 buttons with differnt devices. NO luck yet.
I have slamphers; wall outlets Wif--RF that don't connect to the RF at all ? . One work but only with Button A.  How to find out what should work ?


4 buttons but so far can't only get one button to work on any or multiple devices. ? Is this normal.
2 Slamphers don't link to the RF at all. Tried 4 buttons and even a slamper that was already programmed to another RF.  Seems there would be a diagnostic lite to let you know its linked-connected and learned the codes ?


Is there a way to test the RF  433  ? Not working on my 2 latest slamphers.- wall lamp socket  ?  If I try to program on another sonff module or basic; will it destroy the old program for the orignal remote  or  can multiple remotes control the same device ?
Nice to have a test device with lights, sounds to check them out  Should all 4 buttons work for 4 devices ?
or can one button control different devices; ?


 yes great news !   I'm sure not a big item to have but I need a contact out on the basic; or any one to  know there is a loss of wifi.  perhaps a contact out on the basic or POW or other means to know so I can use this to run a timer-relay to reboot my modem ?

since wifi is off; it must e external to turn off power for  5 seconds; then back on  !

Hello, Can be communicated via RF 433MHz between two switches (TX Series (T3))? This would avoid the scenes an the dependency of the Router signal. Thank you for your time.

How can I find it, I don't see anyone selling it in my country .

("thiet ke website gia re")

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