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Sonoff RF + WIFI version?

 Is there still development going on for this product? I would love to see the rf + wifi version of de Sonoff switch as seen in all the pictures and on youtube.

Can I add my own rf-receiver to the board? The holes and wiring are already present..

RF would make it much more versatile, you don't always want to start an app just to turn on the light.

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 yes great news !   I'm sure not a big item to have but I need a contact out on the basic; or any one to  know there is a loss of wifi.  perhaps a contact out on the basic or POW or other means to know so I can use this to run a timer-relay to reboot my modem ?

since wifi is off; it must e external to turn off power for  5 seconds; then back on  !

Maybe this is what your looking for:

That's different than the one in my Slampher light holder. Mine is as shown in the link I posted above.

Your link looks similar, if not identical, in function. Perhaps, Itead can clarify.


Also, the one in the light holder uses a different IC for the receiver and includes an EEPROM IC.


RF external antenna will increase the distance of course. 

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