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Sonoff RF + WIFI version?

 Is there still development going on for this product? I would love to see the rf + wifi version of de Sonoff switch as seen in all the pictures and on youtube.

Can I add my own rf-receiver to the board? The holes and wiring are already present..

RF would make it much more versatile, you don't always want to start an app just to turn on the light.

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@Tuicemen The RF Remote has 4 buttons means it can control 4 different devices. If you pair it with A button with Sonoff 1, then you can use button A to control Sonoff 1. So you can totally control 4 different devices. And of course you can cancel the pairing and re-pair with other devices.


that realy didn't answer my question.

Say I have 5 Sonoff and I wish to control them all via RF. Since the remote only has 4 buttons will a second remote work?

Also could I pair 2 Sonoff to button "A", 1 to "B", 1 to "C" and 1 to "D" enabling control of the five devices?

Hi Tuicemen, one button one device.

Ok thanks, One more question.

If my neighbor also has a RF Sonoff configured on his remote to  paired to "A" would it also control my device paired (set) to "A"?

That situation is rared. One can pair with the RF remote controller only when the device set in pairing state. Read this blog please:

So I really need a different RF option.

Something like

This would allow multi devices to have the same RF address as well I could control up to 256 different devices.

I have a RF Sonoff and also a seperate 433Mhz receiver. I was able to pair four different button to one receiver. According to the doc the 4 output D0-D3 should toggle low for 200ms, but this is not the case for either of them. Output D0 to D3 stay low at all times and only the led is flashing when it recognizes a paired button being pressed. I opened a ticked but so far no response on this issue.

hi. i have the rf modul im160127001 and the sonff th . will it work with rf remoth contorl if ill iron the modul on the pcb ?or jest need to wait for the sonoff pro i ordered ?

iOS App não deixa colocar Country, teria alguma atualização para o App ewelink para iOS iPhone 5c ? iOS App Lets not put country, would have an update for the iOS App ewelink for iPhone 5c?
Four remotes working nicely with one Sonoff RF
B U T  range is quite limited.. ;-(
- What is the best orientation of the wall mounted box ?: horizontal, vertical, side or back towards remote ?
- can I attach a better antenna?

Thanks for any testing wasn't quite conclusive ;-)

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RF external antenna will increase the distance of course. 


are all the 4 remote's  paired at the same time and working . as when i add another to my sonoff rf it forgets the first remote. thanks

Aerial is printed on cct board so on its side facing WiFi router would be best BUT you can see signal level in eWelink app so adj to get max bars.

 i got the 3 gang rf wifi  switch wall plate. Says it works with 315Mhz RF module but not one available ?

ok why not  433 hhz like the others ?

Do anyone knows if the Sonoff RF culd be with multiple remote controllers?

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