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eWelink on ipad or Android Tablet?

Is it possible to install eWelink on a tablet that doesn't have a phone number for activation?

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Hi there, since the tablet do not support a phone card, so it doesn't support phone verification. 

I used my Google Voice number to install eWelink on a Kindle tablet. It works great! I think you're missing a great opportunity for low cost controllers. Love the Sonoff modules. They work very well.

That sounds really great. 

I cannot register for ewelink app because it never sends the verification code to the phone.

I already bought couple of ITEAD devices but they are all useless without the ewelink app.

The problem solved. I managed to get the app registered thanks to developers of the app. They quickly replied to my problem and Im really happy for their service. Heres the trick. When the ewelink app ask to enter verification code, You have click on "send"button to get the code. When you get the code on your mobile phone, you have to enter it there and again click on the send button along with your desired password. Thats it.

My ipad and google Tablets only needed my user name and password.


has stopped, reinstalled and does the same on an asus android tablet, what should I do
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