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Error adding Sonoff to server

Hi I ordered 7 Sonoff wifi switches but so far havent been able to add them to the server. The error is after the device name is entered and says " add failure". The light blinks twice fast like its connected to wifi but not to server. Router is operating correctly. please help!

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Hola Hace algún tiempo me he comprado 3 Sonoff instalar y funcionaba perfecto hasta hoy 26/05/2017 me despierto por la mañana y me fui de la aplicación de EWeLink invitados al intentar iniciar sesión con mi usuario Todo re buena pero no hay nada en el interior y cuando intento para que coincida con los productos de nuevo me sale una leyenda que dice que pertenece a otro usuario, y tratar con mis otros mensajes de correo electrónico y no estoy registrado en mi número de teléfono también no sé qué hacer, soy la única persona que utiliza estos dispositivos, por favor ayuda ... se puede reiniciar el producto? Para un detalle, pero que tenía el servidor de seguridad hasta la fecha. Una vez más ayudar

Me disculpo por mi Inglés Desde que estoy usando el traductor de Google porque no conozco el idioma español es mi Dioma ...

comment mets tu le itead wifi en statique?
Hello Is it possible to reset my account because i have the same problem lige many users Here.
sale problem for me add ok but always no server. create other account: that s even. several access wifi used . no server several wifi codage etc... always no communication with server.
My sonoff mininonly conect If I pur a repeater router Is also mese and I have others sonoff.( Bit more mini) working without problema? My router Is Huawey Echo Life.. can you help me?

Mr. Mauro Mowszowicz, How can I send the devices ID if I can NOT add these two new Sonoff POW to the EWeLink ? I can just right down the POW number which appear short moment during pairing. Do you want this number (e.g. ITEAD .........................)?

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Will see. Have been back online yesterday, but today again offline from morning. Not promising for now...

I bought 5 days ago Sonoff TH16. Still continuous no connection to sever.It look like lost money .... Probably I will try solve it upgrading other soft like: SUPLA, ESP Easy, AFE . This work is extra pay about 10$ with sending cost, but it looks that is no other way if I do not want put this device to trash. I found :
I'm another one with this problem. Can someone recommend me alternative to their Sonoff POW coz I don't have any more patience with them and their server problems.


Hi,Bjarne Hørbye:

Did you have check your router account and password is right? please see attachment.

Did you have connect too much device to your router?

Please refer to link at first:

It's amazing that they do not solve this problem.

I have another sonoff running for months correctly, now I have bought a new one, but, in the ewelink app, it always appears as "offline", while the other sonoff works correctly.

I can ping without problems, I can connect to the new device sonoff from my phone's wifi, everything seems to be correct, but, the new device always appears as "offline" in my ewelink app and the device it is always with the double blinking that indicates that it does not connect to the server.

I have tried all, but its only 1 i Can connect, is it possible for you to reset my account? I had 2 up and running, but 1 failed after an upgrade. The one thats work is not upgraded. The last 3 dont connect.
Today I got email ansver from ITEAD: We have do some change on our server,can the device be online? please try. ----------- Now my Sonoff TH 17 is online and working perfectly !!!!!

hello world and happy new year

i bought a sonoff module. after 3 days tring pairing it, i success. Module has been upgrade, but in the night, no network. since it can't connect to server. each pairing it can't connect to server.

i'm informatician, i've got several wifi access, no firewall inside , i read support and all recommandations are ok. no problem to pairing but never online since !!!!

i notice i can't ping it on my lan,but when a connect my phone directly on it, i can !

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