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Connect Coolkit devices to FHEM

 Hi, is there a way to connect Coolkit devices to FHEM ( FHEM is a very popular home automatization server software with very active community allowing to connect different devices and manufacturers.

At least for the German market it would be important to support it.

I will inquire our IT techinician about your question and give you the answer. Sonoff and Slampher uses Amazon AWS global server. This is a reliable server. 

Im comming from the FHEM Forum in Germany and i have written a little WIKI for using sonoff with FHEM. You can integrate sonoff in FHEM with a Fhem-Module "ESPEasy-Bridge" or with the MQTT Protocol (sonoff POW).


FHEM Readings from 2 POW and a sonoff Switch in FHEM


Plot from POW Device


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Hello, Can FHEM support Camera?

Hello, yes it can!

It is testet with this cams.

Foscam 9805W Foscam FI9831P Instar 2905 IN-6001HD Instar 6011, 6012, 2905 Instar IN-5905HD, IN-5907HD, IN-6014HD, IN-6012HD-PoE WansView (Modell nicht näher spezifiziert) Wansview 620, 625, 6012, Axis 205 D-Link DCS-933, Xiaomi Dafang (nur mit alternativer Firmware)


If you think you got the solution then it's fine but If you haven't

checked then you must get into it.

Your home router is the first bridge between your smart device and external communication. Therefore, we should follow the right steps (see them here) to connect your smart devices to the router to create a channel for WiFi data transmission.

When a smart device fails to connect to router, please follow the instructions below to troubleshoot.

1.Check if the SSID and password of the router is correct.

SSID and password are the room number and key to your router. In case that either of them is wrong, the device won’t connect to the router whatsoever.

2.Check your router settings.

When your WiFi SSID and password are correct while the device remains offline or pairing still fails, you should check your router settings and see if router settings has stopped your smart device from connecting. For security concerns, many people would enable some router settings such as fixed IP, whitelist etc.

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