Get Started

a. A Nest, and add it to eWeLink
b. Register a nest account
c. Set eWeLink language to non-simplified Chinese, such as English, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Danish, Italian, Polish.

Pair eWeLink with Nest Learning Thermostat 

a.Open eWeLink

b.Tap “+”, select Nest Device, as shown below.

a、Tap on“Next”

b、You'll need to log in Nest account. Register one if you don't have any.

e.  You'll enter into the Nest Device list. Check your desired nest device, and confirm.

The device you select will be in eWeLink list.

Enter the device, you'll see how the interface looks like

Create a Smart Scene for Nest Device

1. Tap on the button on upper right corner 

2. Tap on Scene

3. Tap on “+” to create a new scene

4. Enter the name for your scene, click the arrow pointed button to set trigger condition.

5.Select a trigger device 

6. Set conditions. You can add more conditions. When all conditions are being met, the scene will execute.

7. Tap “+” pointed below to select a device to be executed for this smart scene

8. Select a device and set its state when the conditions are being met. Save it.

9. You'll see the smart scene you've created on the scene list.