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eWeLink Widgets icon loses connection

I use the eWeLinks widget  buttons on a old tablet mounted on the wall to control my Sonoff devices, the problem is the buttons to control my lights, garage/doors loses connection after a while (several hours) and the buttons icon change to "not connected", I use Android KitKat version 4.2 in developer mode  and i have the screen set to always on,  


It's not that I have to login every time, and I'm using the tablet on the wall (connectet through a invited guest account), I just touch the bottoms when they shows not connected with brings up a new menu, and then I can click back or ignore and the bottoms and alive again for a few hours

The same widgets icon are my mobile phone Huawei P20 with Android pie and the same things happen occasionally on that too.


Anyone got a solution to how I can have the bottoms to stay always connected so they are ready to activate my devices when I touch them.

I have been using IFTTT but then I have to create to bottoms one for on and on for off, and they don't show me on the Tablet if the devices are on or off like the ones from the eWeLink widget, so I really would like this widget from the eWeLink to work.

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I have the same problem with my Samsung J6,Android version 10. I need wake up the button, after the button working normally (with widget)
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