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eWeLink to support p2p camera

Some users request this function:

I would need a solution in the app to show an image from a p2p camera. so I would like to see via camera if the thing which is controlled by the sonoff really has toggled on/off.

What do you think?

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I fully agree because, for example, I will irrigate the garden or some equipment and I have a camera system at home, I would like to see if the action has been taken. Ewelink could support some camera systems such as Hikvison, dahua, etc ...

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hola si he utilizado productos sonoof desde hace 6 meses y ahora en la nueva actualización de la aplicación ewelink  an algunos dispositivos hay la opción de agregar una cámara , alguien sabe como puedo agregar una cámara (dahua ipc A35) u otro modelo conocido 

Yo lo he intentado y nada, con varias dahua, solo se que acepta las de la marca aechan. Aquí mi intento

Just search“eWeLink Camera”,Turn Old phone to IP camera

Hi. Has anyone cracked this one? I'm looking to integrate a camera into my current Sonoff system. Any brands of camera's that are compatible with eWelink?

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Would be great if ewelink camera app let you add any ipcamera. Y don't like using a phone as a camera.

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Dobrý den mohl by mi prosím někdo napsat jaké druhy kamer podporuje sonoff/ eWeliknk ,jsem z toho zmatený

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Any solution to this?

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hola a todos, sería muy interesante para los técnicos de ewelink introducir un sistema de video streamig a través del puerto RTSP en la aplicación


Por ejemplo, solicitamos la transmisión adicional 1 del canal 1, la URL es: rtsp: // admin: admin@ 554 / cam / realmonitor? Canal = 1 y subtipo = 1.

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Today, I sent an Email to ITEAD Customer Care Center asking about the camera make and model available to use with Ewelink, and I am waiting for the answer.

ITEAD answer me that next month (around November)they will launch in the market there  Cameras. 

Your writing is really great. I’m so glad I read it. It kept me hooked the whole way through.

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