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Maximum Limit of 20 Scenes Not Enough For 5 Bed house with multiple 2/3 Way Switches

Hi all, I have a large house and am half way through installing Sonoff Devices throughout its entirety.

I am bitterly disappointed that there is a cap on how many Scenes I can create? 

I have multiple 2 and 3 ways switches which mean the cap of 20 Scenes is no-where near enough for my house (I have one 2-Gang 3-Way switch which uses 6 Scenes by itself). I have no idea why Itead would stop me being able to buy more of their products by limiting the amount of Scenes I can create?

I've got half my house done and now I'm stuck with no way forward (i.e. I have a hallway where I can only use one set of light switches - very frustrating). 

This makes no sense to me and is making me contemplate pulling the whole lot out of my house. 

Is this affecting anyone else?




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I have the some problema.

I don´t am happy

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Why is there no progress on this and why does itead not reply to tickets?

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The available scenes number is  too low for any serious use, as four scenes are required to have a single roof light driven by two Sonoff switches . This limit seriously affects usability of sonoff devices and prevents using them in a real environment.

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What happens if you create multiple accounts and shares the devices between them? Although stupid, the number of scenes may be limited per account?

This workaround seems to work, thanks !!!

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