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Sonoff T1 EU replacing Motor Clockwise/ Anticlockwise?

In the past I bought myself a Motor Clockwise/Anticlockwise Running WiFi Wireless Switch Model: IM160601001 to control, in a case (see picture) a roller shutter. I was perfectly happy with this product and was willing to buy more for my other shutters. But then found out it was retired. Since then only 1 shutter is controlled by my smartphone.

Now I read about the Sonoff T1 EU: 2 Gang WiFi RF Smart Wall Touch Light Switch. This might be the solution to my problem. In my opinion I could use the 2-gang version to replace the Motor Clockwise/Anticlockwise. There is only 1 catch. When using gang 1 the power to gang 2 should automatically be cut off. And when using gang 2 the power to gang 1 should automatically be cut off as well of course. Would this be possible?

Thank you up front for your help.

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Hello :)

After a while waiting for material and time to do the work I just try it out!
It works like a charm! I am using it for a week and the functionality is just the right one.

However I have a concern. My relay gets very very hot when the two buttons of the SONOFF are turned on. Did everyone had this same problem?

I was looking up on the internet for possible causes to a relay gets hot during the operation. It seems to be a manufacturing defect, but I would love to hear your feedback :)

thanks a lot,


Sorry for keeping you waiting. I have this set up in my second house and that house is not located in the Netherlands but in Germany. We went there last weekend and returned last night.

I have checked this and the relay is room temperature. So I think something must be wrong with your relay.


no prob :)

Yes that's what I'm thinking. I will try another one :) 

Sorry for being back on the same subject, but I'm a novice at sonnoff.

I installed these US T1's to control the shutters on my windows.

I put everything automatic in the eWeLink application. with automatic timer.

My protection solution was before activating each button automatically that the initial command would turn off all buttons.

This way is protected against any manual activation.

Example for closing window blinds:

20H00 open - turn off 20H01 close - turn on 20H02 close - turn off

This solution works perfectly for me.

Hi Ric,

Thank for your contribution.

Do you have the T1 EU 2-Gang?

I have to admit that I don't understand what you mean, sorry. Would it be possible to explain it a bit more?


Yes. I have T1 Eu 2 Gang. I said what was my solution for motor protection. Normally I only open and close once. I put automatic with eWeLink. However the first command is to always turn off the two buttons before opening or closing the window blinds. This way is protected against any manual activation. Sorry for my english.

This is what I understand of it.

In my situation I use the right button to open/close the shutter. The left button is to stop de shutter at any position. What you do is first switch on the left button and then open/close the shutter with the right button. After that you switch of the left button again so the right button can't be used.

Am I right?

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