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Sonoff RF new type of remote in the app. On Off so it can work like smart switch

Sonoff RF new type of remote in the app. On Off so it can work like smart switch

I have a bar led light, that is plugged into a 433mhz remote socket. I've added two button remote called "BAR", and two buttons are ON - mapped to on, and OFF mapped to OFF.

At the moment I have to say 

Ok google swtich the bar on on 


Ok google switch the bar off on

Would it be possbile to match those like you would for a smart socket, with two states, So I could say switch the bar on, and switch the bar off?


i also would appreciate the possiblity to add a switch with a seperate on/off code.

with alexa it's the same problem that you need extra switch for on and off.

Same issue here. I'm using the sonoff to control an energenie RF socket remote control. It has separate on/off buttons for each socket, as well as an 'all on' and 'all off' button. For now I've resorted to creating two one-button remotes in the ewelink app, called 'Red' and 'Green' with the button in each just called 'Button'. Saying "OK Google, turn on the green button" switches my lights on,and "OK Google, turn on the red button" switches them off. I've then set up shortcuts in the Google Home app so that "OK Google, turn on the lights" triggers the "Turn on the green button" command, and "OK Google, turn off the lights" triggers the "Turn on the red button" command. It works, but it's odd having Google reply "OK, turning on the red/green button"! There must be a better way......
Obviously the 'red/green button' business was just for testing purposes. I renamed them to 'Lights' and 'Dark' so that Google now says 'Ok, turning the lights on' or 'OK, turning the dark on' (which makes me chuckle anyway!) But surely Google isn't as dumb as to think that every button click is a simple on/off toggle? How can I link Google's concept of 'on/off' to the names of my buttons (which ideally would also be called 'on/off'?)
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