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Sonoff Motion Sensor

A motion sensor which could then trigger other linked switches would be very useful. I would like to do a setup where I have a number of motion sensors and a number of lights. Any sensor should trigger all lights. Or each sensor triggers specific lights. Thanks

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The loop timer is incredibly useful. It can be used to switch a device off (or on) after a fixed period - i.e. if you want a porch light to go off X minutes after being switched on just set the Restart Cycle to X minutes and the action to Off - then disable the second part of the loop timer function by removing the tick from the box. This can also be combined with PIR activated lights using the RF Bridge to trigger scenes. This has not been well detailed yet by Ewelink/Itead.

This video describes how to set ....

Looks like the loop function has changed since the last time I looked at it.

Have a go at using the "inching" functionality on the Settings - enable inching and set time - every 500 duration equates to 0.5 seconds - can set from 0.5seconds to 10 hours!

The PIR needs to be able to trigger the Countdown featureĀ 

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I have a problem setting myself for just one hour.
Or ITead could just enable local MQTT publishing in their firmware and app. So we could use our own mqtt server with like Node Red or OpenHab, for complex rules. Then PIR using their RF relay hub would be very powerful.

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